Aaustralia: Dangerous, Mentally Ill Asylum Seeker Files Lawsuit

Would be interesting to know by which laws or treaties Australian taxpayers are obligated to provide for mentally ill muselmaniacs who are a danger to the community.

The human rights shysters who support this crime on the Australian people need to be given a shot across the bow: we will hold them personally responsible when the political wind changes.

Mentally Ill Asylum Seeker Fraudster Files Lawsuit Alleging Lack Of Healthcare (Australia/thanks to Halalboozeshack))

Australia Receives Record Number Of Asylum Seekers

Dogooderism and the supporting industry is the downfall of Australia

3 thoughts on “Aaustralia: Dangerous, Mentally Ill Asylum Seeker Files Lawsuit”

  1. This is the trouble with our country…the government & its agencies are just so eager to help anyone who doesn’t deserve it, but if you’re honest & try to do the right thing, you’re SCREWED!!!

    Think about it.

  2. And what about the real Australians who are falling through the cracks & committing suicide or living on the streets or placing a huge burden on their families who are forced to care for them with no help from either the health departments (paid by my tax dollars) or the legal profession (advocating for non Australians & paid by my tax dollars)
    What’s the difference between an Australian multi culti PC lawyer & a cat fish? One’s a scum sucking bottom dweller & the other one is a fish!!!
    You are right Sheik, when real Australians wake up, all those who have sided with the anti-Australian lobby will be held to account for treason
    I refuse to be silenced by our leftist elites

  3. It is time that we start actively lobbying OUR elected government about our concerns. Writing onthese pages is fine but it is better to write to your council, and local, state and federal reps.

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