Africa: Mali & Kenya

Mali: 200,000 Christians flee country as Islamic supremacists impose Sharia

Don’t they know Sharia is benign and completely compatible with Western values? “Islamic terror driving Christians out of Mali,” from CWN, August 29 (thanks to JW)

Kenya: Muslims torch two churches, Christians sue government for not protecting them

Thanks to the muslim POTUS Obama who keeps telling us that he is a ‘Christian’, Kenya is under sharia law.


Melanie Phillips over at The Spectator has more on the jihad in Kenya here;

But this isn’t the first time churches in Kenya have been torched, as you can read here

Collective guilt:

Every kafir is responsible for any real or perceived muselmanic grievance:

No wonder that churches mysteriously start combusting when a muslim headbanger is assassinated.


White Genocide in South Africa

President Zuma of South Africa began the celebrations of the African National Congress’s 100-year anniversary with the ritual sacrifice of a bull.  While drums beat and singers in animal skins ululated, the animal died, its blood spilled out on the ground and the celebrations began.

Once the party was underway, Zuma sang “Dubula iBhunu,” an ANC song which means, “Kill the Farmer.” A court had ruled that “Dubula iBhunu” constituted hate speech, but President Zuma, who had survived a rape trial and 783 counts of corruption, was not worried about the law. The upper echelons of the ANC were above the law and adept at spilling blood, whether it was the blood of bulls, black rivals or white farmers.

During Zuma’s rape trial, ANC activists had chanted, “Burn the Bitch.” At the ANC’s centenary, Zuma sang, “Kill the Farmer.” Burning and killing have been the ANC’s traditional solutions to dealing with its enemies, and its long string of atrocities had kept it on the terror watch list in the United States until Obama took power and opened the door to the ANC’s butchers, along with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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  1. …not only odinga became PM…, he pushed his personal business to levels that were never reached before..All the Petrol company closed and the country imported ONLY LYBIA OIL…, all the power of money was now in his hands…Good for a communist, son of the communist who had started the revolution in 1982…(organized from a group of LUO TRIBE,,,including obama father..)
    President MOI was much netter for Kenya, and the usual excuse of bringing DEMOCRACY…worked also because of all the NGOs and UN interfering with the internal affairs of the land…Now somalis burn churches, kill christians…LIKE EGYPT and other FREE, new DEMOCRATIC entities. 4 more years of bHo and the whole EA will be also under sharia.

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