Australia: 5 Soldiers Killed, Sinking Boats, Gillard spreads the wealth around….

This could change a lot of opinions that haven’t changed already:

Confirmed: 3 soldiers shot are Aussies

The news is even worse. Three soldiers murdered, and two more dead in an unrelated helicopter accident – all within 24 hours.

DEFENCE is refusing to say whether three Coalition soldiers killed by a gunman in Afghan army uniform are Australian.

The incident happened yesterday in the southern Afghan province of Oruzgan, where Australia leads the NATO contingent.

Wait for ‘defence minister’ Stephen Smith: ‘we will never know what motivated  it’…..

Syria’s war touches Australia’s shores

ETHNIC tensions among Sydney’s Muslim population are being inflamed by the conflict in Syria, with the opposing sides trading death threats..

Jamal Daoud, a refugee advocate standing for election to Auburn City Council in Sydney’s west, has received a number of such threats after criticising what he calls the role played by “terrorists” in the Syrian civil war.

“Mrs Rinehart’s latest tirade …”

What was a routine admonition when Australia was being built is now called a “tirade” and “stern”:

AUSTRALIA’S richest person, Gina Rinehart, has issued a stern rebuke to those jealous of the wealthy: start working harder and cut down on drinking, smoking and socialising…

The leftarded  media is shocked: Shock. Wealth linked to hard work

 Meanwhile, somewhere in the Pacific:

The Australian:

At last PM rides high on the poles

There is confusion:

6 thoughts on “Australia: 5 Soldiers Killed, Sinking Boats, Gillard spreads the wealth around….”

  1. The “infidel” nations should stop wasting lives of their valiant soldiers (and material resources as well), trying in vain to bring civilization into various backward sharia-ruled shitholes.
    Too many people (and almost all politicians) in the West fail to understand that it’s not their duty or responsibility to care about each and every degenerate savage tribe on the planet, or to offer “asylum” for the equally backward “refugees” from these hellholes. This altruistic lunacy has to stop (oh yes, “international community” be damned !)
    If the public and political leaders in the West care so much about “human rights violations” in some medieval jihadistan, they should not welcome bringing these exact same antisocial (muzzie or tribal) “violators” into the civilized countries.
    Selected civilized “infidels” only ! (But even they should be allowed to enter and stay only on certain conditions and with no chance to indefinitely parasitize on taxpayer-funded “welfare benefits”.)

    1. Where do I sign?

      But if you say these things (which should be obvious to anyone with half a brain) you are instantly labelled as a ‘racist-bigot-Islamophobe’ by the support industry….

  2. Well, of course ! Because in the modern “West” people are socially pressured to discard reality and consistent principled ethics for the sake of “being nice” to everybody “equally”. This sort of emotionalistic blackmail and cultivation of irrationality are typical attributes of a society sliding towards totalitarianism.
    Free individualistic society destroys itself with artificial psychological complexes and pathological emotionalism. (Everything now revolves around “feelings”, isn’t it ?)

  3. Yep, its all about ‘feelings’- who needs a rational mind?

    There is ‘social justice’, which tells us to ‘spread the wealth around’ and the globull worming racket was recently renamed to ‘climate justice’;
    and then there is ‘fair’- we have to pay our ‘fair share’.

    The filthy rich Arabs in the gulf are getting a free run thanks to UN crooks and their hired glitterati.

  4. Right. There’s also a demand to “respect religious beliefs”. People simply assume that their membership in some large fan club of ancient mythology, backward customs and various superstitious crackpottery is a sufficient reason to be automatically “respected” by everybody. However when these people are asked to give a valid philosophical reason for such an assumption, they usually fail to do so.
    So it goes like this: “respect my beliefs, merely because I believe in them”.
    Again, shameful surrender to collectivistic irrationality destroys the civilization. (All this applies to non-religious secular crackpot ideologies as well.)

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