Ahmadi Muslims “treated like lepers and Jews” in Pakistan….

“Like Jews.”

Pakistan: Ahmadi charged with blasphemy for “posing as a Muslim”

Yet in the United States, Ahmadis like Harris Zafar run interference for the Islamic supremacists who persecute them elsewhere, by attacking and defaming the very people who are standing up to their jihadist persecutors.

“Ahmadi charged with posing as Muslim for second time in Sargodha,” by Rabia Mehmood for the Express Tribune, August 7

The  appalling Harris Zafar, the Ahmadi Muslim spokesman who sides with those who persecute his people in Pakistan and Indonesia and instead attacks those who defend his people  repeats the now-familiar claim that the Sikhs who were murdered a few days ago were actually mistaken for Muslims — a claim that has been substantiated by no evidence whatsoever, and is a spectacularly distasteful display of exploitation of the dead. Yet the link in his tweet goes to a HuffPo list of hate crimes against Sikhs in the U.S. that contains an attack by a Muslim!

Another useful idiot. Check out how they treat your fellow Ahmadis!