Allah in a day

UK: No mercy for soldiers:

Man who left pig’s head with ‘Allah’ written on it at Cheltenham mosque is jailed

A former soldier who tied a pig’s head to the gates of a Cheltenham mosque has been jailed for four months.– think they would do this to a muzz who desecrates a church?

Muslim prisoners rights violated:

Rashid al-Qadir claims security guards violated his First Amendment right to the free exercise of his religion by telling him to remove his coffee-filter….

Syria: Christian family beheaded, Christians attacked at funeral

“Armed gangs of jihadists have begun to sow terror..” And Obama is backing them. “ASIA/SYRIA – Bomb at a funeral, a family beheaded: Christians and Druzes targeted in Damascus,” from Agenzia Fides, August 29 (thanks to JW)

Kenya: Muslims torch two churches, Christians sue government for not protecting them

But remember: the real problem is “Islamophobia.” “One killed in Muslim cleric murder protest,” from Standard Digital, August 28:

Mali: 200,000 Christians flee country as Islamic supremacists impose Sharia

Don’t they know Sharia is benign and completely compatible with Western values? “Islamic terror driving Christians out of Mali,” from CWN, August 29 (thanks to JW)

Rauf rubs it: “most people don’t understand their religion”

Eye liner wearing Imam Rauf claims there may be violence if the Cordoba House is not built.

The great deceiver is too slick for his own good, and he sounds like a broken record:

Q: You write that the United States is, in many ways, a “Shariah-compliant nation.” How so?

A: Both Shariah and the Declaration of Independence, America’s social contract, state that our rights were endowed by a Creator. Seven centuries before those words (the Declaration) were penned, Muslim scholars said that all of Shariah aims to protect and further six objectives: the rights to life, freedom of religion, property, intellect, family and human dignity. Moreover, many Muslims feel that they can practice their religion more freely in the United States than in any of their homelands.

This guy is so full of shiite it hurts to even read this rubbish. The sharia doesn’t protect the right to life; the freedom to practice Islam, yes, but not other religions, forget about property, intellect, family and human dignity, Islam is deadly for civilisation. It is barbarity, the worst form available.

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  1. As I noted earlier there are two ways to get rid of these scum – one is civil war and the other is through the political process. I would suggest that all who are concerned flood your politicians and your media with your WRITTEN concerns – if we cannot use politics to solve the problems a lot of good people will be killed – and we are running out of time I don’t give a shit about the muslmaniancs but I do care about the others. So get of your arses and start lobbying now!! Don’t do it for me of for yourselves but for the unborn generations that will be born in slavery if we do not get rid of these islamic freaks!!

  2. They talk the good talk.

    But when push comes to shove, they run away unless they think they have you out numbered and suddenly they find their bravado.

  3. @Hill, methinks when you say this here, “But when push comes to shove, they run away unless they think they have you out numbered and suddenly they find their bravado.”, you are not taking into account the reality that they are multiplying five to whitey’s one. Why do you think the Taliban have said that they don’t need missiles nor nukes, their preferred weapon is a woman’s body…so like the Pope, all they see is a ‘semen receptacle factory’. In short, those semen are to rule the world according to the Pope and Taliban. But what these jokers don’t understand is that semen have no quality due to the zillions that every guy on the planet has..unlike the far less number of eggs in females/around 400 I believe. Fact is, quality trumps quantity anyday, and if female muslims don’t wake the f up they will find that they have been duped into being factories to produce offspring only born to be blown up..any woman buying that fable, is surely nutso.

    How do we make waves with Islamic females? That is the big question. One can only hope the brightest see through this massive hugh lie that they are to be pawns for the cause of hatred of ‘the other’, that is, anyone, not wanting to put their head in the dark place called Islam.

    As an aside, tonight I saw the movie just out called 2016 by the author Dinesh. Rather chilling to hear how obummer views the muslim slaughterhouse as apropos for his designs to out the west..have you heard him say anything about the genocide in Syria..NO? wonder why? When he came into office we had 5,000 nuke warheads…that is now down to 1,500, and if he has his way, it will reduce to only 300 to make us EQUAL to all other countries…only problem with that is that the middle east, ‘cept for tiny Israel, with many muslim countries each having their allotted 300 nukes, would make for god knows how many nukes headed to the west…and this, obummer obviously feels is must see this movie to understand the personal psycho drama being played out in his gourd..and his wishes for all the west.

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