Anti-Islamic mail sparks "backlash" in Heidelberg

One mulitcultural moonbat wanker complains and the enemedia springs into action:

Its all about feelings. Not  about how we feel about Islam;  its how THEY feel,   and somehow we have an obligation to make them feel good, right?

“My first thought was for those people living in the area who follow Islam and how they might feel,” Mr Stokes said.

“This sort of bigotry is not just cowardly and misleading, but illogical and might just fuel prejudices.

Critique of  clit-cutting, child-marriage, polygamy, terrorism,  stoning  of adulterous women and apostates is illogical? Stokes, have you been living under a rock  all your life?

“The vibrant diversity of our migrant cultures is what makes Australia such a great place to live.”

The “vibrant diversity of Islam”  will eat you for breakfast and shits you out before lunch, Mr. Stokes. But don’t take my word for it, get help!

6 thoughts on “Anti-Islamic mail sparks "backlash" in Heidelberg”

  1. I feel that the hypocrites in Islamic gowns are all out but to tarnish the image of pure Islam. Islam means submission to the will of the Creator, He who calls on every creature to be submissive, peaceful and loving to all other creatures on earth. Man took up the obligation that the mountains and the other creations feared owning the responsibility for they understood that they will account for each deed they took during their short stay on earth, woe unto man! Thoughtful muslims are calm, kind and behumble themselves at all times and when grievances arise, call on their opponents for peaceful dialogue in ways that have a relative environment to bargain for solutions that better life to all at stake. With this, there’s no place for warmongers and terrorists.

  2. Adams … Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! You should be a stand-up comic. “tarnish the image of pure Islam” … Hahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahah!!!!

    Damn, where are my tap shoes? I feel like river dancin’!!!

  3. Dear Adams, the pure image of Islam is 20,000 attacks worldwide upon innocent non muslims by followers of the religion of so called peace…please explain THAT!

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