Bad News For Israel is Bad For All of US

Bad News for Israel: Iran and Muslim Brotherhood To Strengthen Ties

MuBro Mania (your taxpayer dollars at work!)

IMF Favors Giving Muslim Brotherhood Billions


So now the Muslim Brotherhood, whose Egyptian followers are reportedly literally crucifying religious and political opponents, is deserving of international largesse because the country will be more stable? Shades of Hitler; unify the country by slaughtering those would oppose you.  (Breitbart)

The cheque is in the mail:

Egyptian cleric says MB intends to rule the world  (MEMRI via EoZ)

Tunisia honors psycho-killer:

“Tunisia is more politically moderate and mature than other Arab countries, and it’s also more tolerant, but unfortunately none of that extends much to Israel,”-Tunisia honors convicted murderer Samir…

Just one of many:

“The internal Islamic religious wars merely use the Arab-Israeli conflict as another battleground”

‘Egypt preparing to send aircraft, tanks into Sinai’


Israel Asks Egypt to Remove Tanks From Sinai –

Haniyeh: Hamas gov’t ready to coordinate with Cairo

Jihad groupies come to give treats to terroristswhen I say “hot,” I mean that literally. August in a burqa in the desert cannot be fun…..

2 thoughts on “Bad News For Israel is Bad For All of US”

  1. “Bad News For Israel is Bad For All of US”

    In fact, Israel is our last hope!

    I heard this say even by people who I would not describe as friends of Israel, they used different words, of cause, along the lines: “Israel will to in and bomb the crap out of them (Iran)”, they say.

  2. sorry for you mr american .israel occupied our land and we ill never ever give up even if any kind of situation is there this is our right and aim an we ill obtain it soon …insha allah !

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