CAIR Thug Ahmed Bedier: "Americans white, blond, pretty and no substance"

Ahmed Bedier ironically sits on the Tampa Human Rights Commission and is tasked with protecting the Human Rights of all Floridians.

However;  only Muslims are human, so all the rights are theirs.

You, infidel sons of apes and swine have no rights whatsoever under the divine law of allah.

What is it about that you cannot understand?
Thanks to BNI  for the video!

Ahmed Bedier has NEVER met with anyone accused of terrorism!

That’s what he claims on his website:

FAQ: Setting the Record Straight

Ahmed also features Brother Tariq, top dog of EUrabia’s MuBro’s:

Tariq Ramadan: Resolve Palestinian-Israeli Conflict With New Global Non-Violent Movent

Here’s a more realistic portrayal:

Ahmed Bedier :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Don’t blame Muslims for 9/11: build ’em a monument!

Missing from the current national controversy over plans to build a Muslim Community Center in Lower Manhattan, is the fact that Muslims were also killed in the WTC Attacks. September 11th was not an attack by Islam against America, 9/11 was an attack by criminal terrorists against humanity.

Islam and Muslims are not responsible and must not be held accountable for what happened on that tragic day.

Muslims Killed in the 9/11 Terror Attacks

Military (not Islam) Failed to Prevent Ft. Hood Shooting

Tampa-based human rights advocate Ahmed Bedier offers extensive reaction to the Ft. Hood shooting tragedy. Bedier says military (not Islam) failed our nation by ignoring the numerous warning signs before the mass shooting.


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  1. He has his head up his ass. If he could address the real problem of the Selective service registration ( then he would make sense. Does he want the military like Egypt instead of Israel. He wants no girls in it so foreigners can screw it all up… douchebag.

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