Disgraceful Complicity & Stupidity

Muselprop & Islamo-pandering on end:

Dhimmis on steroids  aiding and abetting the Islamization @ Istanbul 2012

It’s bad enough that Muslims are allowed to compete in inappropriate clothing, apparently there are Muslims (male or female) in Islamic headgear present at every medal awards ceremony, even at the Olympics in London.

Now the AP is also photoshopping hijabbed muslimah’s into the Olympics in a way that should discredit them forever. Here’s what really happened: the hijabee came last!

2 thoughts on “Disgraceful Complicity & Stupidity”

  1. Judging by the labels and the track colour, I’d say that pic was taken in Istanbul, not London (Istanbul 2012)

    Istanbul 2012 – IAAF World Indoor Championships in Istanbul, Turkey

    Google “istanbul 2012” for more.

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