Everybody must get stoned

Sunni Forum:

How to explain to the kafirs that stoning is not barbaric?

“In the U.S. it is easier to explain because we already have capital punishment.”

Thanks to BCF for this entertaining link!

In other news:

Besides oil and terror Sowdi Barbaria also exports  Qur’an all over the world:

The King Fahd Qur’an Printing Complex in Madinah has distributed 255,834,022 copies of the Holy Qur’an since its inception till June 2012, an official report said. The complex was established on Jamad Al- Awal 23, 1405H. Arab News via Mullah

4 thoughts on “Everybody must get stoned”

  1. No matter how you look at the islamic faith its still -ucked up. There are some things in the bible that are barbaric, but we have crawled our way out of the dark ages and dont take the bible so literally. This is of course the complete opposite to the uneducated ,brain dead,inbreed muslims we read about every day. If muslims want to act like this then fine. Stay in your own hell hole countrys stay out of mine or you will have one hell of a fight on your hands.

  2. I tried to report it that is one disgusting hell of a page. There are photos and it showed the Chinese flag in a coffin in Afghanistan. That place probably smells and they act like it’s Fort Knox or a resort area. Whoever set that page up is def a nutjob… look at the photos of female soldiers (from the United States?) in hijabs it looks so dumb like they are submitting to the enemy or just trying to copy the enemy and it doesn’t look right.

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