France still burning

Muslim Woman Jumps From 10th Floor;


Police Attacked by Mob While Trying to Arrest Muslim ‘Yoots’

This is what it is like in France now, as the ‘no-go areas’ extend ever further across the country. This is what makes a no-go area a no-go area. The police can’t arrest anyone without coming under attack from Muslim mobs.

France: Police Attacked by Muslim Marriage Party

 Cheradenine Zakalwe is certain that the marriage cortege in question was almost exactly like the one depicted in this video.

“I’ve Seen Up Close the Hatred These People Have for Everything that Represents France”

The city of Mulhouse is completely screened out by the Soviet-like media.  There is not a week without car burnings; attacks on the police patrols or firemen….  Journalists from RTL and Europe1   say “our editors don’t want to cover these events during the summer period so as not to inflame spirits any more”

They are more interested in  hiding the truth than reporting it.

What to do, what to do?

Patrick Binder : Stripping French nationality from all individuals convicted as well as their families, seizing their possessions to pay for the damages and expulsion of all members of their families from the national territory. We need to stop immigration.

 The elected politicians who have participated in the destruction of our society must be held to account.
We need to review the Code of Nationality fundamentally. French nationality should be either inherited or merited, the rest is just wind….