"Hit the Road, Barack"

Even the leftarded Newsweep had enough:

“Welcome to Obama’s America.”

Now, we all know Newsweek isn’t shy when it comes to controversial cover photos and headline stories. Indeed, on more than a few occasions, Newsweek Editor Tina Brown has had to defendthe magazine’s less-than-flattering photos and oftentimes incendiary articles.

Everyone’s also familiar with the publication’s left-leaning tendencies hard Marxist groupthink, right? Right.

Well, that’s precisely why Newsweek’s latest cover may surprise you:

Pussy Riot Hypocrisy

It’s always amusing to see the western elite mobilise in favour of some pet foreign dissidents. This week it’s Pussy Riot. Not long ago it was the Chinese artist Weiwei. It’s amusing because it shows how desperately lacking in self-awareness these people are. They will happily mobilise for anti-system protesters in Russia or China, yet say not a word as Koran burners, Holocaust deniers, politicians like Geert Wilders or even bloggers and tweeters are sent to prison in their own countries.  (Islam vs Europe)

“Obama deeply concerned” about what he calls a “politically-motivated prosecution,” (re Pussy Riot)

Its an Obama world: let homosexuals have their fun with the boy scouts!

The new inclusivity. Or perhaps its one of those negative rights in the constitution  which is so ‘deeply flawed’.

NEW YORK (AP) — When it comes to gays homos and the Boy Scouts, President Barack Hussein Obama and the youth organization he serves as honorary president have agreed to disagree.

The White House on Wednesday said Obama opposes the youth organization’s recently reaffirmed policy of excluding gays as members and adult leaders. He has no plans to resign as honorary president, White House spokesman Shin Inouye said.–White House: Obama opposes Boy Scouts’ ban on gays

Hank calls the Obozo an ‘Anti-U.S. Muslim’

Hank Calls Obama an Anti-U.S. Muslim