Mallorca: Rioting 'Immigrantes Africanos' Hit Popular Tourist Strip

Youtube was quick to take the video down, because of “hate speech”. Obviously, if the soldiers of allah attack, there are screams of ‘allahu akbar’, and we are not supposed to hear that. So far it wasn’t hate speech to put up videos that showed the racaille in their element doing what they do best; but by censoring the bloggers our minders have hit a new low.

Here’s the story in Spanish:

Una turba de inmigrantes africanos destroza una calle de Palma de Mallorca y nadie hace nada por impedirlo

Fortunately, Vlad had the good sense to upload it to another player:

One thought on “Mallorca: Rioting 'Immigrantes Africanos' Hit Popular Tourist Strip”

  1. WOW . . . I am so delighted to have found this website!!
    It is about time that something is done against these barbarians, ignorants people, to expose them and stop our politicians to be so “politically correct”. The TRUTH has only one way.
    Congratulations, and I hope that hundreds of thousands, even millions of people get involved here and expose what is going on in every European country, as well as Canada, USA, Australia, etc.
    I hope that also the Vatican — and all the churches in the world — start defending the Christians living (pardon … trying to live) in muslim countries. I hope that the attacks against Christians and Churches are exposed and disseminated all over the world, instead of being ignored by the media. I am sure that the PetroDollar$$ have bought many journalists, politicians and media around the world to propagate their “Religion of Peace” (???!!!???).

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