Muslim women choose to cover themselves, just like nuns, just like the Virgin Mary….

If you leave jewelry in the window a thief will break the window.  If you leave meat in the open, cats will eat it. Cover yourself, oh women, to feel protected from muslims!

Choose hijab, or else:  

Italy: Muslim severely beats daughter in mall for refusing veil

Sharia in action in Eurabia: “Italy: Moroccan severely beats daughter in mall for refusing veil,” from AKI

Catmeat in Tunisia:


Watch out when Muslim women come unveiled to get a job!

Never hire a Muslim!


Workplace jihad: Muslima sues Disney over hijab

Pamela Geller

A Muslim woman who worked as a hostess at a Disneyland restaurant is suing Disney. Imane Boudlal wears the traditional headscarf, or hijab, but the garment violates Disney’s dress code. Disney offered up a compromise hat for her to wear, but Boudlal refused, of course. It’s not about hijab; otherwise that cute cowboy hat would be fine (everyone on the floor at Disney wears costumes). It’s about imposing Islam on the secular marketplace.

Notice how Islamic supremacists always target and sue American icons — Disney, Wal-mart, Target, Heinz, Hertz, et al.

And in all these cases, the company bends over backwards to accommodate these supremacist demands. But that’s always taken as a sign of weakness, and accommodation gives way to more demands.

…”The Constitution tells me I can be Muslim, and I can wear the head scarf. Who is Disney to tell me I cannot?”…

Thanks to Gary Rumain

Muslim support teacher Ms Aishah Azmi, gets suspended from a Church of England School after refusing to remove her Islamic veil. Ms Azmi is deliberately provoking a row and tries to portray herself as a victim, when she is actually the instigator. This is yet another example of a Muslim trying to impose Islam on a non Islamic country and it’s people.

Fight Islamisation:

* Vote for people like Geert Wilders.
* Fight the Islamisation of Europe.
* Stop Mosques being built. If you live in the UK, lawyer Gavin Boby will provide free help to stop a mosque being built in your area.
* Fight sharia law. Sign the petition against sharia in Britain.
* Stop halal killings of animals.
* Fight in defence of Dutch politician Geert Wilders, by signing the petition in his defence.
* Fight burka/veil wearing in public.
* Fight Turkey joining the EU.

A Kuffar’s Study Tour of the Islamic ‘Uncovered Meats’

For some time now, Muslim Imams have been describing white women as uncovered meat, like sides of beef left out in the street for the cats to scavenge on. It’s an interesting metaphor, but it is difficult to visualize. Ah has never seen a Muslim man that Ah thought looked like a cat—cool or otherwise; a dead one maybe, but not cool or otherwise. Most of the Muslim men Ah have seen look more like Mohammed Atta with the Devil’s pitchfork sticking in his butt than they do like the Sheikh of Araby. But that’s only mah personal opinion and is based on years of reading Li’l Abner and watching old Rudolph Valentino movies.

Why would Muslim men think they had a right to rape white women?

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  1. I wouldn’t want someone like that teaching my kids. She can’t even speak articulately. She won’t be able to teach children how to say words, not only because she can’t pronounce them but because they won’t be able to see her lips.

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