Obama affiliated MuBro group accuses Bachmann in Sikh temple shooting

Haris Tarin, the Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Washington DC, cautioned about the potential “consequence” of what people say in public when asked whether the Sikh shooting on Sunday had any relation to Michelle Bachmann’s inquiry into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood within the U.S. government.

Soon after the shooting, unsubstantiated comments began circulating on Twitter attempting to tie the bloody Sunday rampage at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, to those raising questions about the Muslim Brotherhood. It should be noted that Islam and Sikhism share little common ground when if comes to political philosophy or religious history.


Tarin was cautious in noting that we cannot make a direct link right now between the shooter and the Bachmann inquiry, which his organization is labeling as a ‘witch hunt‘, but did note that Americans should be more “reflective” on what they say:

“What we can say is that as a nation is that we have to be more reflective on how we speak on issues. […] We have to be responsible. We have this great first amendment and we have the right to say what we want and whenever we want and that’s what makes America great.  But at the same time we have to understand that there is consequence and responsibility that comes with what we say.”

Tarin went on to say now is not the time for judgement.

Bachmann (R-MN) came under fire after joining four other GOP representatives in sending a letter requesting information from the Obama Administration concerning possible links between the Muslim Brotherhood, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the U.S. intelligence community and the U.S. Departments of State and Justice. Other conservatives have defended Bachmann, saying that the inquiry raises legitimate questions without being insulting or disparaging to any individual or group.


The Brotherhood is considered one of most influential Islamist movements in the world; the new president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, is a member.  Bachmann and four other Republican lawmakers recently wrote the inspectors general of five federal departments asking them to compile a report on its influence in the United States.

TheBlaze interview took place outside the RNC headquarters on Capitol Hill where Tarin’s group had planned to convene a press conference calling on presidential candidate Mitt Romney to denounce Bachmann for her comments. The press conference was rescheduled due to rain.



This is a breaking news story. Stay tuned for updates.

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