OIC Cranks Up Massive Propaganda Against Burma's Indigenous Buddhists

Note that the OIC doesn’t allocate any funds for the poor suffering ‘Rohingiyas’- but  no effort is spared to support the propaganda machinery in order to portray the soldiers of allah as poor, oppressed victims of Buddhist injustice and persecution. For the ummah, it would be a major setback for the Islamic expansion program if indeed the Burmese had the cojones to drive the Mohammedan invaders out, it might even set a precedent for other countries to follow suit. That, and nothing else, needs to be prevented at all cost.

The PuffHo springs into action:

Huffington Post 2012-08-02: When we last read about Burmese monks in the Western press, it was in the context of mass protests against Burma‘s brutal military junta and their visit to Aung San Suu Kyi‘s home in homage of the courageous pro-democracy activist. It is surprising then, shocking even, that Burma’s monks have come down on what is so blatantly the wrong side of a humanitarian crisis. One photograph shows a Burmese monk in saffron robes, looking austere and intelligent in wireframe glasses. On his palm are the words “ROHINGYA NO,” written in English. The Rohingya Muslims are an ethnic minority in Burma’s western Rakhine 

Well, in the one-world indoctrination program of PuffHo progressives the Muslim invaders can be described as an “ethnic minority’. But this “ethnic minority’ comes with an ideology of war and conquest, and that’s what they do around the world. For how much longer will we allow this scam to go on?

World’s Muslims Start Their Campaign Against Myanmar And its Indigenous Buddhists

CBS News Global Islamic body urges aid to Myanmar Muslims Reuters – ‎JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, July …Read More…
Iranian Official Meets With Rohingya Representative To Discuss Myanmar
Iranian Official Holds Meeting with Myanmar Muslims Leader in Turkey TEHRAN (FarsNewsAgency)- Representative of the Supreme Leader in Hajj Affairs Seyed Ali Qazi Asgar held a meeting with Leader of Muslims in Myanmar’s Western province of Rakhine (or Arakan) Mohammad Yunus in Turkey, and discussed…Read More…
Al Jizz Projection:
Anyone familiar with Mohammedan warfare knows that the soldiers of allah always accuse their victims of what they, the muslim killers, rapists, arsonists, kidnappers and terrorists are guilty of. Note that these so-called ‘rights groups’ are invariably concerned with Muslim rights, there is no concern whatsoever for the rights of non Muslims.
Al Jazeera 2012-08-01: Myanmar security forces have killed, raped or carried out mass arrests of Rohingya Muslims after deadly sectarian riots in the northeast in June, a rights group has said, adding the authorities had done little to prevent the initial unrest. Aid workers were blocked and in some cases arrested in a government crackdown on the largest group of stateless people in Southeast Asia, New York-based Human Rights Watchsaid in a report on Wednesday. The report comes after a week of arson and machete attack by both ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingyas in Rakhine state. Based on 57 interviews with Rakhines and Rohingyas,…
Curiously, Muslim solidarity doesn’t go very far:
Bangladesh does not accept its own people  and pushed boatloads back out to sea when they tried to flee the unrest.

Al Jizz hyperbole compares Muslims with Jews and calls Buddhists NAZI’s
William Lloyd George
William Lloyd George is a freelance journalist (and a useful idiot to boot)
Will the people of Myanmar soon have their own derivative for the Nazi term Judenrein? For those who do not know what Judenrein means, it literally translates to “free of Jews”, and was the term used by the Nazi administration when they had removed entire Jewish communities from Germany in the lead up to the Holocaust.
The Buddhists of Burma are absolutely within their rights to throw the invading Muslim soldiers out, otherwise it will be them who will be ethnically cleansed from their own land.

DNA India2012-08-02

Foreign Policy2012-08-01

Al Jazeera2012-08-01

Here’s how a Muslim sees it:

Jihad is a defensive way against those who fight muslims and obstruct them from spreading Islam by word.Not as you said.So such case as Burma, will led muslims to fight back the Buddhist.an eye for an eye.

You get it?

Jihad is’defending’  (fighting) against those who are obliged to spread Islam. Resisting Islam causes wars for which  the unbelievers are responsible.

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