Save Islam: Kill Free Speech!

Save Muslims, Kill Free Speech

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On August 28, 2012  In The Point

Jonathan Swift’s modest proposal was to feed Irish children to the English. Nathan Lean’s modest proposal is to save Muslims from the scourge of Islamophobia by banning criticism of Islam. The difference is that Jonathan Swift was joking, but Nathan Lean is completely serious.

“The discourse of hate must be stopped,” Lean warns in a Los Angeles Times Op-Ed. And Robert Spencer has replied boldly and decisively to him in those same pages.

I’m not a n expert in physiognomy; but the appearance of  Nathan Lean  gives me the creeps.That’s how I picture a psycho-killer.

Indeed, the whole attempt to smear Geller and me with Breivik’s murders rests on several leaps of illogic and unstated assumptions. Even if Breivik’s views really were exactly the same as ours, would it therefore hold that if someone commits violence in the name of an idea, that idea is thereby discredited and must be driven out of the public discourse? In that case, precious few ideas would be left, since people at one time or another have committed violence in the name of virtually every cause under the sun.

In any case, if ideas that were deemed to lead to violence really were silenced, the proponents of a supposedly peaceful Islam that Lean is so anxious to protect and defend would be silenced as well.

You can see Robert Spencer’s entire reply at Jihad Watch. The logical point that he makes is that if Spencer is to be blamed for Breivik’s actions, then how can the Koran not be blamed for the actions of Mohammed Atta? If the mere act of citing something is proof positive that it must be banned, then the Koran must be banned along with Robert Spencer’s “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran.”

While blasphemy laws may outlaw criticism of Islam in Muslim countries, in Western nations, if Muslims want freedom of speech then they will also have to accept the freedom of speech of others.

Well, they can’t. That would be the end of Islam.

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  1. mad-aussie,
    As soon as I saw that pic I thought dam that haircut is so Adolf Sh*tler. Probably his alter ego as well.

  2. Well, besides his German Nationalist inspired haircut and couple it all with his small thin lips.

    It’s his eyes, they are cruel and mean.


  3. Do you recognize this person? This is the portrait of Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling, better known as Vidkun Quisling, born in Telemark, a Norwegian politician, who was imprisoned for treason, and later killed at Akershus Fortress after WW2.

    In 1925 he served in the Armenia Commission of the League of Nations

    Quisling was imprisoned at Møllergata 19, a block next to the government buildings which were bombed 22 July 2011.

    Akershus Fortress was built in 1299. After the eighth crusade..

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