"Shadowy Separatist Insurgents" causing Thailand & the Philippines much grief during "holy month of Ramadan"

Thailand: “Right now we are holding peace talks with different (Muslim) insurgent groups but we are still not clear what they want,” — think they will ever figure it out?

Its not that hard for people who read WoJ…..but reporting it or talking about it makes us just like al Qaeda.

The provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat have seen almost daily gun fights and bomb attacks since a shadowy separatist insurgency, simmering for decades, resurfaced in January 2004.

“Shadowy separatist insurgency?” WTF? Will the coin ever drop?

Don’t miss  the obligatory justification of sorts:

The three provinces are Muslim-dominated and were part of an independent Malay Muslim sultanate until annexed by Thailand in 1909.

Euronews scribbler Amy Sawitta Lefevre is well trained:

Each year the region sees an increase in violence during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan but analysts say there was an escalation even before that this year.

You don’t say, Amy, you don’t say. The “holy month of ramadan”– “holy” for whom?

Here’s  an article about the horrific damage Muselmaniacs have done to the tranquil people of the philippines in an effort to force sharia and Islamic rule on them all.

The Lumads, the  people of this region, are now called “non-Islamized indigenous peoples”– the lumads “are now separated” from their land.

“We have become strangers in our own land and we have been victims to countless and recurring conflicts, since then,”– that’s what happens when the soldiers of allah move in.