Sharia Enforcement Targets Dogs, Jews & Bacon

Bacon Hate Crimes and ‘Islamophobia’ Witch-Hunts (D. Greenfield)

“Calling for the murder of Jews [in New York] falls under freedom of speech. Unlike bacon which is a hate crime.”–The NYPD is busy investigating bombs in synagogues, not bacon, because there really is a disturbing trend of anti-Semitic hate crimes. There aren’t actually any bias crimes against Muslims to be found.

Muslim Dog Day Afternoon (FrontPage Magazine)

 Since when is it the job of Toronto police to enforce Sharia?

Good question:

47-year-old Allan Einstoss, who was accosted by a Muslim demonstrator while walking among the crowd with his dog, is considering legal action after being held by the police after the assault, while the man who attacked him was not even questioned. Police on the scene reportedly chastised Einstoss for being “insensitive” to the Muslim protestors with the presence of his canine companion in the public park. “I was detained. They had me in handcuffs,” Einstoss told Front Page Magazine. “They trampled all over my rights.”-– I love cupcake! (thanks to the ROP)

Canuck Radio: ‘Arab Spring’ (Jihad) Moving West (TT)

Peace through surrender. The new strategy.

Ready to live under sharia?  The police strategy is to maintain the peace at any cost. That includes surrendering the law as its written  at the cost of individual liberty. That means submitting to the most violent group in society…..

Cognitive dissonance, in Canada & the U.S.

Meanwhile, in Iraq:

Thousands of Christians flee country in wake of jihad attacks

And the world yawns. But leave bacon in a park where Muslims are gathering, and brace yourself for the outcry!

“Mosul Iraq’s ‘Most Dangerous City’ For Christians,” from Worthy News, August 20 (thanks to JW)

2 thoughts on “Sharia Enforcement Targets Dogs, Jews & Bacon”

  1. Destabilising of Syria, makes me question America’s war on Terror, and its aims. Syria is the one country in the ME where Sunnis , Shiites, Alawites, Druze, Christians – Maronites, Orthodox, Catholics, and others, lived in peace. Why destabilise Syria and hand it over to the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda? What purpose does it serve but strengthen al Qaeda and the MB?

    For decades, America has been aiding the Islamisation of the world. Even in Europe, America was the main agent in furthering the aims of Islamists in ex-Yugoslavia. France and Britain were opposed to giving any help to the Jihadis in Bosnia. We now know that these Jihadis were of the alQaeda type. Further, the sundering of Kosovo from Serbia and handing it over to the narco-Islamists, was also the work of America. Wahabbi Islam now has a legal place in Europe.

    Then we have America trying to force the EU to accept Turkey within the EU. If they had, Europe would have 70 million more Muslims, while Turkey would be the conduit for tens of millions more Muslims into Europe.

    The result of America’s policies in the world

    1. The expulsion of most Iraqi Christians from their ancestral lands

    2. The persecution and slow cleansing out of Copts in Egypt – again the original inhabitants of Egypt.

    3. Islamisation of the Balkans – handing over south eastern Europe to Wahhabi Islam, and Turkey.

    4. America is now in the process of destabilising Syria, with the same predictable results.

    1. Yes. America, a nation founded by people seeking religious freedom are working towards the enslavement of us all. A bizarre, fantastic situation!

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