Skinny Dipping is FBI business?

Its  an Obamster world. Piers Morgan and Jerry Springer are all over it.

Republicans Scolded For Drinking, Nudity In Israel

Puff Ho  adopts Islamo morals:

Strangely, the FBI is not interested in a Democrit pervert who gave a blow job to a 17-year old

Another Lawmaker Urged to Resign: Minnesota Dem. Allegedly Solicits Sex With 17-Year-Old Boy at Rest Stop–

Minnesota Democratic State Rep. Kerry Gauthier was caught engaged in oral sex acts at a rest stop with a teenage boy. But don’t wait for CNN to report it. They won’t.

“His actions are inexcusable.”—Read More »

In other news:

Muslim  demand special rights, as always:

Muslim asks Houston Police Department not to remove hijabs during searches

“At the scene, the officer’s responsibility is to ensure there are no weapons or contraband It’s for the safety of the officer.” But that doesn’t matter. When Islamic law and American law and practice conflict, it is always the latter that must give way, safety considerations be damned.

“Muslim asks HPD to revise frisking rules on headscarfs,” by Safiya Ravat for theHouston Chronicle, August 19