Sweden & the Multiculti Bomb

There will be a demonstration for Somalis, largely by Swedes. A manifestation against racism.

18-year old Rudolf was beaten unconscious and set on fire.

Bomb Financier Gets 7 Years of Prison Da’awa

Bombs on Benefits

  • Nasserdine Menni was living in Glasgow and sending cash to Taimour Abdulwahab
  • Abdulwahab’s botched attempt to kill Christmas shoppers in Sweden in 2010 led only to his own death
  • Menni was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act last year
  • Guards in the dock during his trial were wearing stab-proof vests


2 thoughts on “Sweden & the Multiculti Bomb”

  1. What else may we expect violence from the followers of what some people call ‘The peaceful religion of Islam.”

  2. No one will speak up for Rudolph, because the violence against him does not further the narrative, that ALL minorities are victims ALL the time.

    Rudolph is a reminder that the victims can be the aggressors and, thus go off the reservation.

    And if nothing else, the left need to cling to their delusions so they never have to have their ideology challenged by reality.

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