The Chinese have never read the Bible, obviously……

On the one hand, China throws hissy fits when Romney declares Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and on the other hand China treats its ‘restive’ Muslims  with an iron fist at home. In China’s Muslim areas, fasting is ‘verboten’ during Ramadan.

Muslim restaurant owners are forced to sign a document to remain open and continue selling alcohol during Ramadan or have their licenses revoked, he said.

Uyghurs arrested during the July riots in Urumqi are also prohibited from fasting; those who insist on fasting will be force fed food and water while enduring insults for their misbehavior, he said in the interview.

Monks (should read imams) in mosques are forced to preach to others that fasting is a “feudal activity” and harmful to health, said Dilxat. Otherwise, their religious certification will be cancelled.

China’s Muslim Uyghurs Forbidden to Fast During Ramadan

China has always been afraid of offending the Arabs; as of 2010, almost half of China’s oil arrived from the Gulf. China’s pusillanimous attitude toward the Arab world can be seen by what Xinhua stated at the end of July:

China stands for a solution to the Palestinian and Israeli disputes through political and diplomatic channels on the basis of relevant UN resolutions, land-for-peace principles, the Arab Peace Initiative and the peace road map for the Middle East … China is always against the Israeli construction of settlement in occupied Palestine territory.

Relevant UN resolutions? Land for peace principles? The only time Israel gave up land for peace it was the Sinai Desert, which wasn’t considered part of the Biblical Land of Israel, and although it bought peace for roughly 30 years, Egypt isn’t likely to remain at peace with Israel now. In what world should Israel give up any land for peace?

The Arab Peace Inititative?  What is it about that phrase that indicates cognitive dissonance?

Settlement in occupied Palestine Territory? The Chinese have never read the Bible, one would assume.

China has its own interests – most, if not all, of which agree with Hussein Obama’s. If Mitt Romney has irritated them by anything he says, that’s a good sign.

Ramadan Fasting Verboten!

BEIJING // Authorities in China‘s restive northwestern region of Xinjiang have banned Muslim officials and students from fasting during Ramadan, prompting an exiled rights group to warn of new violence.

Guidance posted on numerous government websites called on Communist Party leaders to restrict Muslim religious activities during the holy month, including fasting and visiting mosques.

Xinjiang is home to around nine million Uighurs, a Turkic speaking, largely Muslim ethnic minority, many of whom accuse China’s leaders of religious and political persecution.

The region has been rocked by repeated outbreaks of ethnic violence, but China denies claims of repression and relies on tens of thousands of Uighur officials to help it govern Xinjiang.

A statement from Zonglang township in Xinjiang’s Kashgar district said that “the county committee has issued comprehensive policies on maintaining social stability during the Ramadan period.

“It is forbidden for Communist Party cadres, civil officials (including those who have retired) and students to participate in Ramadan religious activities.”  (More)

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  1. Members of the Chinese government haven’t read the Bible, but a lot of other Chinese have. Christianity is spreading in China.

  2. The UK should also follow suit. This nonsense of starving all day costs hours of productivity. If they want to starve, then go back to satans country!!!

  3. There are 100 million Christians in China and the number increases every day. They are not wishy-washy Christians but are true believers. They have certainly read the Bible. I believe they will have an influence on the future policy of China.

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