The Chris Knowles Case: "are you anti-Muslim?"

He supported civil liberties. He attended an EDL demo. He opposed sharia.

Sacked for being English and for having ‘the wrong opinion’

In Islamic UK, you cannot be ‘anti-Muslim’-

You can be Muslim to the max, you can scream ‘death to unbelievers’ until the lights turn blue; but as a Brit you have an obligation to like it. If you’re a Paki, a commie, a Satanist, a thief or a traitor, with ties to Hizb-ut Tahrir or other Islamic terror groups, chances are that you are given titles of nobility and nobody will ever question your loyalty to the crown.

But you can’t be ‘anti-Islam’. You can’t hate, you can’t dislike what came to destroy you, your society, your culture and your civilisation. To be anti-Islam, or ‘anti-Muslim’ (it so happens that Islam doesn’t come without Muslims) is not only not politically correct, but that’s a ‘hate-crime’ that gets you sacked. Exactly this is what happened to Leeds city councillor Chris Knowles. Accused of no wrongdoing other than “behaviour that runs completely against what we stand for” the man has been sacked from his job after 17 years.

Chris Knowles Talks to Michael Coren

“This is wrong on so many levels.”

Via GoV:  my good friend Chris Knowles was recently fired from his job at the Leeds City Council for his political opinions, without due process, and without being informed of any details on how he was alleged to have violated of his terms of employment.

Chris appeared tonight via skype on Michael Coren’s SUN TV program, and was given the opportunity to explain what happened to him:

Chris Knowles is a civil-liberties activist for the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA). He participated in the Brussels Conference on July 9, 2012, and assisted with the writing of the Brussels Declaration.

Chris Knowles of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) was fired from his job with the Leeds City Council for his political opinions.

Chris was never told exactly he was accused of doing wrong, and the following report from the BBC doesn’t make the matter any clearer, even though they found a representative of Hope Not Hate to explain why Chris’ opinions were forbidden.

He supported civil liberties. He attended an EDL demo. He opposed sharia.

At the LCC, those are evidently firing offenses.

As Vlad Tepes points out, the Beeb never bothered to consider the crucial question of whether his political opinions had ever negatively affected his job performance:


CBN News: UK Islamist Leader: Islam Will Dominate America

LONDON — They’ve been called “megaphone jihadists”- radical Muslims who take to the streets of Western cities demanding Islamic sharia law. …

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  1. I am a friend of Chris Knowles and have marched with him in rallies of the EDL. He is a man of principles and integrity who has suffered from police abuse. I am so glad to have seen this video, and will get in touch with him. Everybody must rally behind him and fight Islam, and the corrupt English police.

  2. “hope not hate” I wonder, does the guy have a string hanging from the back of his head that makes him speak when someone pulls it?
    I do try to stay upbeat and not despair, but sometimes it can be f’in hard

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