“The Saudis don’t tolerate any other religions. They consider non-Muslims as unbelievers. They are full of hatred towards non-Muslims.”

Thank heavens they are just a tiny minority of excremists!


Saudi Arabia deported 35 Ethiopian Christians last week after incarcerating them for over seven months for praying in advance of the Christmas season in December 2011, according to Christian media outlets and NGOs.

International Christian Concern wrote on its website that “Saudi Arabia deported the last of the 35 Ethiopian Christians who were detained for holding an all-night prayer vigil.

Saudi security officials assaulted, harassed and pressured the Christians to convert to Islam during their incarceration.”

More examples of legendary Muslim tolerance towards ChristiansThanks to the Elder of Ziyon

From AP:

When the angry mob was rampaging through town, storming her home and those of other Christians, the 70-year-old woman hid in her cow pen, pushing a rock against the door. There she cowered for hours, at one point passing out from tear gas being fired by police that seeped in.

When Sameeha Wehba emerged just before dawn, she found she was the only Christian left in this small Egyptian village just south of Cairo.

Dahshour’s entire Christian community — as many as 100 families some estimate — fled to nearby towns in the violence earlier this week. The flock’s priest, cloaked in a white sheet to hide him, was taken out in a police van. At least 16 homes and properties of Christians were pillaged and some torched and a church damaged.

Al Arabiya:

As cities of Damascus and Aleppo entered into the confrontation where the Christians demographic weight is at its most, the number of Syrian Christian families displaced to Lebanon is increasing significantly.

Refugees have been distributed along the extended length of the coastline between Antelias and Byblos area where residents are predominantly Christian.

George fled with his family from Homs to Lebanon four days ago after the Syrian army destroyed their home as a result of a violent artillery bombardment, causing the death of his wife and his mother-in-law.

“We were displaced because the government forces have fired artillery at our home, as a result my wife and my mother were killed. I managed to save the rest of my family and we succeeded to flee Homs for Damascus in a six-day journey until we reached Lebanon,” George said.

“We decided to evacuate out of fear. We feared to face the same destiny of my mother and my grandmother. The rebels helped us to evacuate while the regime forces continued shelling displaced people,” George’s son, Nagib said.


Saudi restaurant fines diners who do not finish their food

Gulf News reports the owners of the restaurant imposed the charge because wasting food and water goes against the teachings of Islam. According to Islamweb, both the Quran and Sunnah make it clear that avoiding waste is an important duty for Muslims.

“Do not be extravagant for Allah loves not the wasteful,” [Quran, 6:141]. “But waste not by excess for Allah loves not the wasters,” [Quran, 7:31]. And the website says the Prophet Muhammad avoided wasting food, going so far as to lick bits of food off of utensils.–Read more>>>

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