The Unspeakable Cowardice of the Olympic Committee

Islamo-panderer and Hamas stooge Jaques Rogge, useful idiot of the Olympic committee, has no time for the murdered Israeli athletes  from Munich…..

The present IOC’s badly handled refusal of the request for a minute’s silence for the victims of the Munich massacre at Friday’s Opening Ceremony is a case in point. Since the 1972 Games, the Olympics has done little to formally commemorate the dead, and relatives and Israeli officials had hoped the 40th anniversary would provide an appropriate opportunity.
Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge demonstrating his objectivity

Ramadan and the Olympics overlapped before, but never once had the Committee changed anything to pander to Muslim participation. Now they’re changing EVERYTHING.

London is the most Islamic city to have hosted the Olympic Games ever. There are at least 1 million Muslims thought to live in London, although the figure is likely to be higher.

Why is the hijabbee there?

Insulting everyone with a totally unqualified Sowdi Barbarian twit who knows nothing about wrestling?

These Olympics are dominated by Islam in more than one way.  The International and the London Olympic Committees had to make many concessions. Behind the conspicuous hijab-wearing women in the Opening Ceremony Athletes’ Parade, and the amazing IOC decision to allow a Saudi woman to compete in hijab against judo rules banning fighters from wearing a head covering on safety grounds, there is much more, hidden from public view.

Interesting video about the hypocrisy of the Olympics by Vlad Tepes

Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to the U.K., told that the Munich massacre was “beyond politics.” The Embassy was holding its own minute’s silence Friday, after a last-ditch plea to Rogge by the widows of two of the hostages fell on deaf ears.

“We’re talking about the darkest moment of Olympic history,” Taub said.


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  1. Gutless muslim pandering pigs have ruined the olympic games for me. I use to enjoy the games but this year I couldnt bring my self to watch a single event.Time to get rid of the present IOC and start again,or dare I say, make this the last olympic games with muslim countrys included.

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