Turkey Reverts to Islam

We now have the chance to turn all schools into religious schools, says AKP deputy

Remember when Erdogan told us about ‘extreme secularism’ and that religious people should have the freedom to wear the veil? Those days are here now; except the freedom not to wear the hideous shrouds are gone. So much for ‘democratic’ and ‘secular’  Turkey.  (thanks to Vlad)

The ruling party now has the chance to transform all schools in Turkey into imam hatip religious schools thanks to recent educational reforms, Justice and Development Party (AKP) Deputy Ali Boğa said, private broadcaster NTV reported.

BoÄŸa was attending the homecoming celebrations of MuÄŸla Ä°mam Highschool when he stated that Turkey was “now past the times when it was forbidden to read the Quran.” —Won’t be long before it is forbidden to read any other books…..

“We are here as imam hatip graduates, or as allies,” BoÄŸa said. “We will increase the number of these schools in records. We have the chance to turn all schools into imam hatip [schools].”

“We have that chance now that the Quran and religious classes were added to schools’ curriculum,” BoÄŸa said.

Churning out hopelessly indoctrinated zombies. Guaranteed to blow your mind! (make that ‘blow you up’ instead!)

Turkish Minister halts military band to allow crowd to chant “Allahu akbar”

Another sign of the rapid Islamization of Turkey and increasingly subjugated position of the military, formerly the guardians of Turkish secularism. “Minister halts military band to allow Islamic chant,” from the Hürriyet Daily News, August 24 (thanks to JW):