Uganda: Muslims Threaten To Storm Police Headquarters

Are we still chasing ‘Kony?’

Muslims Threaten To Storm Police Headquarters Over Assassinations

(Vlad Tepes)

Uganda Police have sternly warned Muslims against plans to storm the law enforcement agency’s headquarters along Parliamentary Avenue on Friday, saying such a move is “unjustifiable. “

Jamil Kafeero was arrested on Wednesday with an SMG and rounds of ammunition

Sources say hundreds of Muslims from different mosques in Kampala are planning to raid the police base on Friday after Juma Prayers to express their frustration with police for falling short of fully investigating the murders in which many of their colleagues have died.


They include Sheik Abubaker Kiweewa who was on June 22 shot dead at Kyanja Prime Petro Station by unknown assailants and Sheikh Abdul Karim Ssentamu who was killed by gunmen along William Street, Kampala on April 20 among others.

Police spokesperson Simon Kuteesa said one suspect Luke Balabala of Kyanja had been arrested in connection with the murder of Kiweewa, charged in court and remanded to Luzira Prison.

“Uganda Police continues to investigate all cases including murder of Muslims. There is no need to storm our headquarters. We appeal to all relatives of the deceased and the general public to remain calm as investigations into these murder cases continue,” he said.

He further noted that the newly instituted Crime Intelligence Operations Unit (CIOU) has registered tremendous achievements towards the reduction of the incidence of murder cases throughout the country.

“So far over 30 core suspects have been apprehended across the country coupled with the recovery of illegal firearms,” Kuteesa told press at the party headquarters on Wednesday morning.

He added that a one Jamil Kafeero, his accomplice Mulani Ssekajja and Sebuguzi were apprehended on Wednesday with a sub machine gun assualt rifle, two magazines – one for the SMG and the other for a Semi-automatic rifle with 41 rounds of ammunition in total.

“We pledge to leave no stone in carrying out these investigations to their logical conclusion; and appeal to all concerned parties to cooperate with the police as we execute our constitutional mandate of securing life and property,” affirmed Kuteesa.

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  1. When I was in Uganda this year everyone said the Muslims were harmless but they looked far from it to me, and were agitating left, right and centre.

  2. Hill: Uganda was flooded with Southern Sudanese years ago, escaping the Sudanese jihad. You would think they MIGHT have picked up what is going on. They also endured Idi Amin, a Muslim convert, some time ago. Of course, not all are in the dark. The main problem – guess what? – is the government, which is trying to appease the Muslim “minority” with its – guess what again? – “grievances”.

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