Vandalism, another one of those Islamic 'yuman rites?'

Cyrus McGoldprick of MuBro front CAIR calls for vandalism of AFDI pro-Israel ads

“I almost don’t want to protest/vandalize them. But then again….”

Pamela Geller has the story, and notes:

Cyrus McGoldrick is “Civil Rights Manager” of Hamas-CAIR, NY. He is urging anti-semitic violence and vandalism of our pro-Israel bus ads that just went up in California after our historic free speech win in court.The scores of anti-Israel bus and subway campaigns that have run thoughout the United States were never met with calls for violence and destruction.

Indeed. But Hamas-linked CAIR has never shrunk from thuggish attempts to obstruct and deny the freedom of speech.

An Update on Pamela Geller’s Interview:

Mark Matthews of ABC News (KGO TV), San Francisco, did a news report on our pro-Israel bus ads that just hit the streets. In it, Matthews proselytizes for Islam, redefines jihad, and makes a bit of a fool of himself. He falls over himself to get the Islamic perspective but runs no counter to their claims. He spent a good deal of time during our interview arguing about the word “savage.” I explained that any war on innocent civilians was savagery. Matthews countered that both the US and Israel have killed innocent civilians and I shot back that the US and Israel never target innocent civilians, ever. The deaths of innocent civilians are the tragic consequence of war sometimes. The war on Israel, OTOH, is a war on innocent civilians. Needless to say, that never made it onto the broadcast interview.