Walking the dog….

In Canuckistan, walking your dog can get you arrested  for “offending Islam”–

Mad Dogs & Englishmen


There is sex trafficking going on;  and his name is….?

 Respect our vaginas!

Code Pink members dress up as vaginas and demand respect

Useful Idiots

Esmerelda Weatherwax has done all the hard yakka, go there and take a look!

Al Quds Day march – London 2012

There is no cure for this ageing dozy bint

4 thoughts on “Walking the dog….”

  1. There is a solution to this. It’s called “learn how to defend yourselves in armed and unarmed combat”. Start today, now. The world is full of good martial arts schools of all sorts. Many firearms manufacturers provide excellent self-defense and warfare classes. People argue with me all the time … “You mean that I should have to learn to defend myself?!” Yes, I do. Probably, less than one percent of the adults in our country, the US, can actually defend themselves and prevail in a violent physical confrontation. The percentage is slightly higher with soldiers and police, but not much (If you’ve ever watched those tabloid cop shows, the physical abilities of the police are generally pathetic. I’ve also taught karate to police. ). If you think it’s going to get better, it isn’t. If you think your politicians, churches, corporations, police, courts, etc. are going to protect you, they’re not. The Muslims are training in warfare every day. If we’re not, then we have chosen to be victims. We must rid ourselves of our own “victim” attitudes and be able to withstand, repel and prevail against the onslaught of Islam, including its physical violence, and we must be able to do this on an individual basis, even while doing something as simple as walking our dogs.

  2. @Pray Hard

    I couldn’t agree more, but also teach people that they need to be wary of large groups of Muslim men and precede with caution.

    Especially young men and girls/woman need to be taught that Muslim men are predatory and see you as a potential target.

  3. Excellent comment… both… I really agree that self defense is a must. Especially in times like these. Most of these people are really not that bright unless they are already armed or are willing to.

  4. @reddog333

    Thank you.

    We have no choice, but for self-defense .

    Our fearless (sarcasm) leaders have left us high and dry whilst they protect themselves and their kin with either living in exclusive areas or with security teams of their own a la Blair (UK) and Bloomberg (US). all the whilst letting these third world animals loose on the innocent public.

    For the safety of ourselves and those we care about honesty and self defense is a imperative.

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