Willary Clitman: 'all religions have extremists'

Shameless. Brazen. She is so smug she believes there will never be a blowback. She is confident she will never be held accountable for the treason she committed by aiding the Muslim Brotherhood through Muslim infiltraitor Huma Abedin, her personal Lewinsky.

Note that no one, not a single soul in the room, put her on the stand and asked her to name  these ‘extremists’ from other religions…..

Monday, July 30, 2012 Secretary Hillary Clinton speaking at the Carnegie Endowment on Monday discussed international religious freedom.

Pantsuits  hasn’t noticed the complete lack of other religions in muslim dominated societies? She hasn’t noticed the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, Mali or Somalia soon to come to Egypt and any number of “new” sharia compliant African nations?
She hasn’t noticed that muslims are more than willing to export their violence all over the world?
Yet, she finds time to mention Ireland? Like that’s a big deal these days?
And these are the clowns in charge of foreign policy?

C’mon, John McCain, what say you about Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, serving on a board with an al-Qaeda member?

Useful idiot feels comfy amongst Muslim Sisterhood. It wouldn’t occur to her that she is being used like a Kleenex.