Australia: Green Spokesturd Richard Di Natale condemns Geert Wilders "hateful anti-Muslim views"

Greens are lovers; Aussies who oppose Islam are haters. Geert Wilders is a villain in the queer & twisted world of Red-Green subversives.  The lunatics are running the asylum:

Australia Censors Free SpeechGatestone Institute:

A genocidal jihad-ape is allowed into the country as part of the “normal” process for of British applicants, but an opponent of jihad — a man never convicted of a crime, and a member of the Dutch parliament — is blocked from coming. …

The Senate has rejected a Greens motion calling on parliament to condemn the “hateful anti-Muslim views” of controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who is seeking an Australian visa for a speaking tour.

 NSW: Anti-false prophet film bad; anti-Max Brenner protest good

UPDATE: Possible traffic delays at Parramatta due to anti-Israel rally–by Chris Walker

Activists with links to the Socialist Alternative movement are planning to picket the Max Brenner chocolate shop at Parramatta.–More “activists” (not extremists) at Parramatta Advertiser

Anglican Communion demands global blasphemy law- … The law will protect Islam alone. …(Mullah)

Greens senator Richard Di Natale [pictured] said on Thursday it was “critically important” his motion be supported, particularly after last week’s protests in Sydney by members of the Muslim community angry about a US film on Islam.

Sky News today reported on the controversy over the Charlie Hebdo magazine. It blurred out the cover, above, showing an image of the Prophet Mohammad.

French Magazine Publishes Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad

The senator took a swipe at Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, who in 2011 admitted extending an invitation to assist Mr Wilders with “his schedule or arranging appropriate meetings” in Australia. “Not to support this motion is to condone Senator Cory Bernardi’s support for Geert Wilders (who is a) hateful, spiteful and corrosive figure,” Senator Di Natale told the Senate on Thursday. The Greens senator later withdrew his comments for “reflecting on a member of the Senate”.

Manager of government business in the Senate, Jacinta Collins, said Labor would not support a motion that condemned a member of parliament of another country for their views. “The parliament has legislated a visa regime that ensures that all visa applications are assessed appropriately and other provisions of domestic law related to racial and religious vilification,” she told the Senate.

9 News, 20 September 2012

See also “Senate fails to defend multiculturalism: Greens”, Greens press release, 20 September 2012

One thought on “Australia: Green Spokesturd Richard Di Natale condemns Geert Wilders "hateful anti-Muslim views"”

  1. I trust the Australian officials will generously issue a visa for mr. Geert Wilders.

    Holland and Australia goes way back with captain Willem Janszoon landing in 1606 on Australia’s beaches as the first European to do so with the Duyfken

    As a Dutchmen I witnessed the intellectual fight of Ayaan Hirsi Ali (now living in Washington American Enterprise Institute) in Dutch Parliament siting next to Geert Wilders in the seats held by the liberal party the VVD (For Freedom and Democracy) Geert Wilders was ousted from that party in August 2004 and he and Ali were threatened in November 2004 in a letter stabbed in the murdered body of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh (nephew of Vincent van Gogh) by Morrocan Jihadi Bouyeri which urged both of them to be protected immediately by the Dutch State.

    Geert Wilders lives a terrible life since behind protective glass, guards, safe houses etc. etc. and leads his new party – the Freedom Party, PVV (Party for Freedom) …

    Meanwhile Ayaan Hirsi Ali remained in the VVD until she was ousted from the Netherlands to the US by fascist attacks of low educated vulgar reactionaries under the professional lead of the left wing socialist elite. who control the entire Dutch television media.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali defended Freedom of Speech after the world wide Muslim riots as she has always done back in 2001 – 2004 and which position has been unassailably the position of the current Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte was a party colleague of Ali and Geert Wilders.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali – like New York based Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) – defends precisely the Freedom of Speech in the context of Speech being the primal instrument of truth …
    Once Freedom of Speech even in the slightest measure is reduced .. it is dead.

    The main argument of Muslims assuming feelings of pain for critique on their prophet in video’s is merely pain in the assuming fantasy of the Muslim.

    Other than physical hurt no real pain is caused by saying something because whatever critique that has been said is nothing more than molecules bouncing on the Muslims eardrum.

    So the ‘pain’ is not caused by the physical aspect of the critique expressed … but what a random Muslim projects his own prejudice in it.

    The pain alleged in critique against the prophet is caused by the Muslim himself.

    The Muslim should either punish himself or shut up.

    Having said this it is true that the Islam is not a Abrahamic religion but a military terrorist doctrine under the guise of a conventional religion.
    Left wing liberation religion communist circles within the Christian International community have accepted this false notion of Islam being a peaceful religion and deny Islam in reality to be a murderous terrorist ideology with the majority of the naief Muslims totally unaware …

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