A Melbourne Sydney Thing?


Melbourne’s mega Mo rally, planned for this Sunday, is cancelled:

Swaybah Javed, who had helped invite supporters through social networking to a rally outside the city’s State Library, said she’d been forced to scrap the event.

SECOND CITY (Lower temperatures in Melbournistan)

Mustard creeps with evil intentions

Tim Blair – Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So now it’s a Melbourne versus Sydney thing:

Monash University interfaith expert Gary Bouma said Sydney-style protests would be unthinkable in Melbourne, because the religious temperature was lower.

‘’Sydney gets Cronulla and this violence. We get to have the world’s best community relations,’’ Professor Bouma said.

He said Victoria Police had poured enormous effort into building relationships. ‘’Sydney would say they do, but that means they have a desk in the CBD with a cop on it who thinks community relations thoughts’’ …

Religious leaders of the previous generation in Melbourne had worked hard to build understanding, unlike Sydney leaders, Professor Bouma said.

‘’Today there’s a 10-point gradient between Melbourne and Sydney when it comes to suspicion of Muslims. It’s a tale of two cities,’’ he said.

Professor Bouma seems an arrogant fellow. Behead all those who insult Sydney! Anyway, now that a trend is underway, Melbourne lamely follows along:

Two women in their 20s are pressing ahead with a mass pro-Islam rally in Melbourne on Sunday to protest against what they describe as a decade-long campaign against Muslims …

In contrast to Sydney’s violent rally of disenfranchised Muslim young men, Victoria’s protest organisers are educated at Melbourne’s top universities and high schools …

Typical Melbourne snobs.

UPDATE. “A Paki  protestor has died after inhaling smoke from burning US flags during a rally against the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims.” Flags are a well-known health risk.


One of the men charged over his role in the weekend’s violent Muslim riot was recognised by the kids on the school bus he drives.

A Mustard school-bus driver? What could go wrong?

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  1. Letter to the free world

    I am an average hard working Canadian and this is a plea to all countries of freedom. With most faiths in the world comes the belief in freedom prosperity and love for one another. With the muslim faith seems to comes hatred and violence for anyone with a differing opinion.
    I am not picking on the Muslims for any other reason than the fact that With the Muslim faith comes hatred and violence, you just have to turn on your TV or pick up a newspaper to see that. They hate the free world and chant death to the Americas and other free nations on our television screens yet we still give them billions of dollars each year in aid. That needs to stop now! Everyone living in a free country needs to write their government letters, take part in non violent protests in front of government buildings and do whatever it takes to stop this muslim movement. The self proclaimed muslim goal is to take over the entire world and eliminate anyone who is not on board with them. (Remind you of anyone) We must stand together and stop this in it’s tracks. We have to rid the Muslim faith from our countries. Sure our countries believe in freedom of faith but not when that faith believes in harming everyone that doesn’t follow it. I know the muslims living in our countries say that there are just a few bad ones, What the heck, just watch the news and you see millions of them wishing us dead. Anyone that wants to practice the Muslim faith should leave and live in one of the countries of Muslim faith. If it was so good there why did they come here bring all their hatred and violence with them? Oh ya they came to our countries for a better life, well that better life they seek had no muslim religion. But they want to change all that and turn our countries into what they ran away from. If they don’t like what we are all about then they should return to their country of origin. It is really hard to understand that their belief in allah causes them to bring their children up to hate others who don’t follow their beliefs, even teaching it in their schools. No other modern day religion that I am aware of has followers that hate and kill others in the name of their god. Our aid to these muslim countries should not be in the way of billions of dollars but in the way of computers so that the children can educate themselves and one day be able to make decisions based on their own understanding of the world instead of only having the one-sided knowledge of their parents. We have to stand up now! Our governments can’t do this on their own without the pressure of the surrounding world, but if we the people from all the free countries can all come together and stand strong (these are our countries) we can make a better world for our children to grow up in.
    Please email this to everyone you know

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