"Calling jihadists 'savages' could be inflammatory"

Defeat Jihad ads to appear in New York subway— BCF

NYC Subway to Run Anti-Jihad Ads After All

A big win for Pam Geller, the First Amendment and freedom-lovers everywhere.  (Scaramouche)

Obviously, jihad is peaceful inner struggle and opposing it makes you a hater. Calling  savages by name is “extremely offensive”, claims the black dude, who fakes outrage. Its just sad when people can’t even recognise an  enemy that declares every day that they want us dead.

The libtard psyche is one big black hole. It takes a Pamela Geller to prove them wrong, every time. And they love to hate her for it:

US Senatorial Candidate Wendy Long supports anti-jihad ad

When you watch these yellow bellied talking heads frown and blather please keep in mind that Koranimals kill a Christian every 5 minutes. Strange that libtards are never bothered by that: [more]



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