14 thoughts on “Our Freedom of Speech is non-negotiable!”

  1. @Stephanie

    RE: “Islam respects the fundamental dignity of human beings”

    Still waiting to see that, maybe Hillary can show us some of examples?

  2. Obowma and Shrillary had to choose between freedom and shariah. To paraphrase Churchill from a different context and time, they chose shariah, they will lose their freedom.

  3. This brings to mind that in the early 1970’s there was a play that made a joke about the life of Christ. This was denounced by a Christian evanglist but he never tried to cncourge violence against the actors in that play or anyone else for that matter. Also, no death threats were made to anyone at all. Christian have too much respect for human life to behave like that. In contrast. many to this short film about Muhammad many Muslims went crazy and homicidal and even murdered people who had nothing what so evet in the making of that film. How unjust and unfair can these people be ? Death threat were also made againstt he actors in that film.
    Furthermore there was noting in that film that was not based on truth about Muhammad. By contrast nothing in the above mentioned play was based on fact about the life of Christ.

  4. @Sheik,

    Since when has Hillary ever had any credibility? So, a Muslim told her? Need we say more on that? Huma has no credibility, as we all know where she stands and what she comes from. The WH has no credibility and proved, that yes, we could get someone worse then Carter.

    Excuse my language, But to use a military term, this administration has been one big clusterfuck. From start to finish…and they are not even finished. If Barry is reelected their will be a civil war in the US.

    It will be interesting to see at what point the media will turn, if they do at all. Because the soulless hypocrites have proven, it clearly ain’t ‘Free Speech.’

  5. @eloivsdiablo

    IMHO, there is a difference between civil unrest and civil war.

    “Obumma administration propagates has revolved around class and race.”

    That is the only rhetoric the Socialist/neo-communist the world over know. Anything else falls apart to deeper scrutiny, which is why they then always enlist their favorite weapon of deflection, racism.

    Example 1
    See Gordon Brown (UK) http://www.news.com.au/world-old/gordon-brown-calls-voter-bigoted-woman-in-election-campaign-gaffe/story-e6frfkyi-1225859643137

    Example 2

    All fours years of the Obama administration. Any criticism towards the poor choices made by the POTUS during his tenure, is then shot down by the fourth estate as being ‘Racist’ and thus lacking validity and the main issues ignored.

    I agree with you. A stolen election, most likely. Those of us, who are awake and watching, suspect that was the whole point of the contract with the Spanish company. The media silence on this issue is shameful and deafening.

    This president, may be the catalyst for the first time in the entire history of the United States in a military coup?

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