Don't call him Tingles!

Just don’t call him ‘Tingles”

Don’t mention ‘Chicago’- its ‘racist!’

Two men began heckling the deranged MSNBC anchor about his now famous remark (first exposed by NewsBusters) that listening to an Obama speech gave him a “thrill going up my leg.”  Tension must be rubbing off on his staff members since one of them, a producer, is now accused of assaulting two men at the Republican National Convention last night over taunts they made to Matthews.

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If you thought “Chicago politics” referred to Chicago’s long history of political thuggery and corruption, currently exemplified by the Caucasian Rahm Emanuel, thank the “mainstream” media for correcting your error. The term is racist; therefore using it is a grievous thought crime. The Word Chicago Declared Racist


Vanished!… Islamic Jumah Disappears From Official DNC Schedule

I guess America is not ready yet for the ‘fundamental transformation’ to Islam and Obamunism. The anointed one needs at least one more term to finish the job. (GWP)

Jon Voight: This Election Is “A Fight to Save America From the Downgrading of Obama’s Views and Ideas” (Video)

The vanishing of the O-lectorate:

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