Egypt, Jiziya, Blind Sheik, Jewish Nazis, Freedom of Speech yes, but….

Al Reuters & Associated (with terrorists) Press depict Nethanyahu as Nazi for trying to prevent another holocaust


Among the most alarmingly psychotic propaganda you will see from the Muslim–moonbat alliance are attempts to equate Israelis with Nazis. In light of the Holocaust, and the second Holocaust that threatens to unfold as Iran acquires nuclear weapons, nothing could be more absurd or more obscene.

Speaking of absurd and obscene, here’s a shot Associated Press chose to illustrate Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the United Nations yesterday:

Kudos to AP and Reuters propagandists for their patience. They must have had to sift through hundreds of photos of the speech before finding gestures that look like Nazi salutes to send out on the wire.

“Who is Prophet Mohamed” for tourists

Muslim foreign ministers call for ‘religious hatred’ laws

“We acknowledge the importance of freedom of expression, but…”

“These Islamophobic acts stand in violation of the freedom of religion and belief, guaranteed by international human rights instruments, and have deeply offended” Muslims around the world, the statement added.

Blind Sheik Mania

Egypt’s President Morsi: ‘I Will Do Everything in My Power to Secure Freedom’ For the Blind Sheikh

Every non-muslim is a hostage for the soldiers of allah:

“…a prisoner swap between Egypt and the United States.”–Read More »

Wanna bet that Obummer will release him before he is booted out of office in November?

US House Blocks Obama Administration’s Plan to Send $450 Million to Egypt

Obummer heartbroken, Shrillary cops abuse from Huma:

God allah is our goal. The Messenger is our example. The Quran is our constitution; Jihad is our way and death for the sake of God the highest aspiration.”—-Read More »