England’s New Totalitarian Police Force

Britain’s “Arab Spring”: The fall of the the UK— Pamela Geller

At the height of its power, it was often said that “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Now one might be tempted to say that the sun never rises on the tiny British isle.

The police took no action against the lawless, violent mobs. Instead, they refused to allow the EDL to hold their meeting, and arrested all of them, after penning them for up to 8 hours with no water, no toilets, no facilities. None of the attackers were arrested (“too dangerous” to arrest them in such a hostile environment).  Read it all: Britain’s “Arab Spring”

EDL – Tommy Robinson sums up the chaotic events in Walthamstow (01-09-2012)

Here is Paul Weston’s account of the disgraceful abdication of responsibility by the British Police in the face of  raging Islamofascist mobs a few days ago.  If you were kettled at Blackhorse Road on Saturday  please consider filing a formal complaint. It’s also possible to sue the Metropolitan Police (see here how its done: Institutional Incompetence from the Metropolitan Police)

By Paul Weston via the TT (lots of video’s here)

An Open Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

In the wake of last Saturday’s fiasco in Walthamstow, Paul Weston, the Chairman of British Freedom, has written the following letter to Prime Minister David Cameron.  Read more »

Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech died in Walthamstow on September 1st 2012. This was the date that Britain officially became a Police State.

After weeks of negotiation between the English Defence League and police liaison officers our democratic right to hold a peaceful outdoor meeting was trampled on by Britain’s ruling totalitarian class.

Whether this was due to police incompetence or politicised senior policemen taking their orders from David Cameron’s government is unclear, but the end result was the same – democracy died.

The EDL meeting had been arranged well in advance. Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carroll and Paul Weston  were scheduled to speak. Hundreds of supporters from all around the country had made the sacrifice of time and money to travel to London to hear them.

But the British police had other ideas. An advance team from the EDL arrived early in the day and set up the speaking platform, generators and PA system. The three speakers also arrived early with a small security team of six men.

The total number at the speaking area numbered twelve men and three women. The police then allowed a growing number of Muslims and UAF to assemble at a distance of only twenty feet from us.  More here.

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  1. Some good ideas over at Gates of Vienna on how to get back at the police. It’s all based around the oath police take when “graduting”

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