French diplomats in Australia on high alert


There are fears of a fresh Muslim backlash after a French magazine published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed naked.

Who’s prophet?

Deputy NSW Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas on Thursday described the cartoons as ‘not helpful’.

“Not helpful” in making Australia Islamic, Mr Kaldas?

Swaybah Javed, who helped invite more than 1800 people to a rally outside the state library, says she’s scrapped the event to avoid risking further violence.

‘It is a shameful day for Australia when Islamophobia has boiled over to the point where it is impossible to carry out a peaceful protest,’ she told AAP on Thursday.

Every day is a shameful day that Australia has to worry about muselmanic savages running amok. Internment and deportations now!

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France incurring wrath of 2bn Muselmaniacs!

The Western governments have to be more sensible. They have to learn that the Muslim masses are never going to accept this. Muslims love the Prophet [PBUH] more than their children, their parents and all of mankind put together. This is part of our belief; it’s not going to change. (Iran Press TV has a whole range of Islamo-turds blowing bubbles…)

A sympathizer for jihad is allowed into the country as part of the “normal” process for of British applicants, but an opponent of jihad — a man never convicted of a crime, and a member of the Dutch parliament — is blocked from coming. …

“Say No to Burqas” – Happy Birthday!

20 September is the second birthday of   the SAY NO TO BURQAS mural in Newtown, Sydney.

Message below the fold!

It is hard to believe that two years have gone by so fast;
so many attacks on my right to express my opinion via;
vandalism, abuse, physical attacks and acts of terror
against my studio and my income.

However, the positive is greater than all the negatives;
just knowing that I am not alone, that the new friends
that I have made in the last 2 years have given me much
support and hope that Islam will be stopped before it can
do any more damage to our Western free societies.

I am very excited about my latest body of sculptural work,
that has come directly because of the last two years of
bullying and intimidation from Muslims and Socialist alike.

Below is the second birthday mural. As time goes on
they grow in numbers. Some stay unseen, some create
division, some make good people fight amongst
ourselves, some cause heated debates; all while they
slowly grow in numbers.

The Muslim Riots in Sydney on the 15th September has
hopefully awakened Australians to the true nature of Islam,
but only time will tell.