Unreal: $70K O'turd Apologies

Cocksuckers R’US:

Unreal. Obama Runs Taxpayer Funded Apology Ads in Pakistan (GWP)

Paki protesters torched photos of “Obama the Dog” today.

These ads are running in Pakistan.  Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama & Shrillary Clinton apologize to Pakis for an obscure YouTube video that is blocked in Pakistan.

 Shrillary Has Blood on Her Pants Suit

The ad is also posted on the US Embassy in Islamabad Facebook page:  “We absolutely reject its content and message,” said Clinton in the advertisement.

We absolutely reject the despicable Klintoons & the Mustard POTUS Barry Hussein Obama.

New Call: Gov’t Must Restrict U.S. Speech

O’turd will meet with MuBro’s, not with Jews:

Obama Refuses Meetings With ALL Israeli Leaders Next Week – Will Meet Egypt’s Morsi

Tensions between Israel and the current U.S. administration further deteriorated last week when President Barack Obama refused to meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his upcoming visit to New York, where he will address the UN General Assembly.  – Israel National News

2 thoughts on “Unreal: $70K O'turd Apologies”

  1. So, how do you like knowing that our Dear President will be re-elected for four more years and will be beating the tar out of the Moron Mormon who wants to reward foreign countries for taking away American jobs? You’re a misguided fool who believes the crap that the GOP spews.

  2. @YoMammaIsObama

    Better to have a left of center Rhino, then a neo-communist Manchurian-bot, who will take away our civil liberties and fundamentally change America into the reincarnation of the ever elusive communist state.

    No thank you.

    But, not to worry. Even the communist luvvies made it into the re-eduction camps with the critics.

    See you there.

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