Germany "must act to protect muslims from hurt feelings"

Cowardice vs Jihad

German interior minister Friedrich is feeding the crocodile,  hoping it will eat him last. The “hurt feelings” of Islamic lunatics are  now more important than the constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech. These spineless, ignorant apparatchiks are more dangerous than  the 1.5 gazillion rioting  soldiers of allah.

Stop Friedrich & Westerwelle!

German Interior Minister Says Provocateurs Who Upset Muslims “Must be Stopped”

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe  (h/t ROP)

The German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has announced that measures will be taken against provocateurs who upset Muslims:

“Groups and organisations who want to provoke the Islamists in Germany, by wanting to disseminate this unspeakable Mohammed film for example, need to know that they are pouring oil on the fire with gross negligence. For that reason they must also be stopped.”

Source: Focus      Via: PIHe clearly has in mind the anti-Islam party, Pro Deutschland, which has announced its intention of showing the anti-Mohammed film, “Innocence of Muslims” in Berlin.

The  (homosexual)  German foreign minister Westerwelle also condemned the film.

“I understand the outrage in the Islamic world,” Westerwelle said of the amateurish US-made film, which portrays followers of the Islamic faith as immoral and gratuitously violent.

Westerwelle insisted however that the mob that had stormed the diplomatic missions in Khartoum did not represent “the majority of citizens”.

Source: The Local

Who do these fools not realise that condemning the film only emboldens the Muslims further? They are the ones who are pouring fuel on the fire. It will ensure similar outrages further down the line, years from now, over some issue that doesn’t exist yet. The appropriate response to this savagery is to be resolute and say, “The principle of free speech is inviolable for us. If you don’t like something that someone else says, either respond with contrary speech of your own or toughen up psychologically and learn to deal with it. No one is required to respect the opinions, beliefs or even passionate convictions of another. Respect must be earned on the plane of open debate. Once you Muslims have grasped that core principle, you will have taken a big step forward towards becoming civilised.”

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  1. It won’t be long before Europe is a 3rd-world barbaric hell-hole with appeasers such as these cretins.

    Westerwelle says that he understands the outrage in the Islamic world. Will he have a better ‘understanding’ when he is living under a savage sharia regime? The stupid fool.

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