Iran: "Racist policies of Canada dictated by Zionists (Israel) and the British"

Canada Ends Relations With Iran, Kicks Out Diplomats, Shuts Down Embassy

Charles Adler and former undersec-defense US on closure of the US Embassy (Vlad Tepes)

Hyperbole, conspiracy fantasies and delusional venom as Iran’s nuclear ambitions appear to be dictated by the 12th imam, who’s hiding somewhere in a well.

“Canada has closed its embassy in Iran, effective immediately, and declared personae non gratae all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada,” Baird said in a statement. Those diplomats must leave within five days.

Globe: Citing ‘threat to global peace,’ Canada cuts diplomatic ties with Iran – Do read the comments at the Globe and shudder at the thought of your children’s future.

Canada declares Iran a state sponsor of terror  (Just wondering why it took so long and why other nations didn’t  follow suit?)

Canada Suspends All Diplomatic Relations with Iran, Removes Diplomats

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird stated Tehran is the greatest “threat to global peace and security in the world today.”

Minister: Diplomats Weren’t Safe in Tehran

“Our diplomats serve Canada as civilians and their safety is my number one priority. They don’t sign up to be put in harm’s way.

Iran has friends in the ‘Zionist controlled’ media:

Iran Agrees With Toronto Star Says Canada Controlled By Jews

Der Sturmer… er Sorry, The Toronto Star Claims “Jews” Control Canada  (Links thanks to PD & BCF)

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  1. And our stupid policy is to send Australian diplomats to the meeting of non aligned nations in Iran WTF!!!!!

  2. I think that is great! The current government is finally growing balls and I applaud the action. The Star or Stareeza is a joke of a newspaper that will pander to the Al Quds crowd and Islamism.

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