Islam & democracy are "Intertwined"- if we could just dispel "misperceptions…"

Yep, always more ‘misperceptions’. Just  do the ‘interfaith’ boogie, drink the kool aid, add 17 secret herbs and spices and hey: all religions are equal (but Islam is  more equal than the others…)

Mustards say the strangest things, and Sherry’s mouth is a well oiled taqiyya machine. She must be using the same template that imam Rauf and Ahmed Akbar are using.

Islam & democracy compatible, complementary, intertwined: Sherry Rehman

Sherry Rehman is the Paki ambassador to the United States

She highlighted Islamabad’s commitment to ensure rights for women and minorities, saying the country has a long tradition of assigning high position to women in government and non-governmental offices.

Sherry sounds just like imam Rauf:

Islam, she said, stands for equality, unity, tolerance, and rights of people and the global religion allows peaceful co-existence of different faiths in the society.  Read it and weep.

More misperceptions here:

How’s that for starters? Are you getting ‘intertwined’ already?

One thought on “Islam & democracy are "Intertwined"- if we could just dispel "misperceptions…"”

  1. Yeah, sure Islam is democratic and “allows for a peaceful co-existence”.

    Providing you know who gets to be your overlord. And you pay your jizya and take your beatings like a good dhimmi, we can all just co-exist peaceful like, yeah?

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