Its a world of huggers!

“Its all about hugs”-  Andrea Mitchell & CNN clown Piers Morgan gushed  all over the bitter half…. but all I heard was ‘me, me, me,’-  ‘my children’,-  ‘it was hard’- (was it really?  17 vacations on the taxpayers dime?)

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“A nation under G-d?” No longer. This is the Obamanation: “ in America, there is always something better out there”

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In Afghanistan, Marine Gen. John Allen prescribes hugs against jihad:

“One of our battalion commanders publicly and openly hugged his Afghan battalion counterpart. And that solved the problem right on the spot.”

There’s a fundamental problem. Would you hug a guy who is waiting to shoot you in the back? Would you hug a guy who thinks of goats as sex objects and goes to boyz nights on Thursdays?

General Allen: “One of our battalion commanders publicly and openly hugged his Afghan battalion counterpart. And that solved the problem right on the spot.”

More on this story. Apparent General Allen is not only the very model of the modern cringing dhimmi, who thinks that Afghan trainees murder their American trainers because of the stress of Ramadan fasting, but is also so completely out of touch with reality, and so deeply enmeshed in modern America’s silly therapeutic culture, that he thinks hugs will end jihad. Hugs. This is on the level of thinking that origami will end jihad.

“Allen blames some insider attacks on stress of Ramadan fasting,” by Jennifer Hlad forStars and Stripes, August 23 (thanks to Benedict):

WASHINGTON – Some recent attacks by uniformed Afghan forces against NATO troops may have been triggered by stress, hunger and dehydration associated with Ramadan fasting that this year fell in the middle of harsh summer weather and the heavy fighting season, the top U.S. military officer in Afghanistan said Thursday.“I think that the holy month of Ramadan demands great sacrifice of Muslims who observe it,” Marine Gen. John Allen told reporters via video feed from Kabul. “The idea that they will fast during the day places great strain on them.”

Even with a reduced operational tempo and an emphasis on planning missions in the morning or evening hours when the temperature was cooler, Allen said, it was still very hot and the operations were “very aggressive.”

“We take that as a potential reason, not the reason for an upswing,” Allen said.

About a quarter of the attacks can be attributed to the Taliban, Allen said, whether because the attacker was an infiltrator or was coerced by the Taliban into acting.

At least 10 U.S. troops have been killed in August by Afghan security forces.

Still, Allen warned that insider attacks are not a reason to limit contact and training with Afghan forces.

Of course not. After all, they need targets.

“The closer the relationship with them — indeed, the more we can foster a relationship of brotherhood — the more secure we are,” he said….In the 73 attacks by Afghan security troops targeting coalition forces since 2007, 110 coalition troops have been killed. This year, 40 NATO troops have been killed in 32 attacks.

When a unit is attacked, it creates “a moment of crisis, but that crisis can be overcome and is usually overcome by the application of the great leadership that is the hallmark of our forces today,” Allen said.

Leadership is the key to making sure troops don’t turn to retribution, Allen said, and instead recognize the value of continuing to work together.

In one case, “one of our battalion commanders publicly and openly hugged his Afghan battalion counterpart,” he said. “And that solved the problem right on the spot.”

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