Jihad vs Greece


‘All We Have Is Muhammad’– 

EUro dhimmies need to grow a pair as their economies continue to implode.

#Savage Violent Muslim anti-Freedom Riots in Greece, Police attacked “we are all with Osama”-(Pamela Geller)

Athens police have successfully used tear gas to thwart an attempt by some 600 hundred Greek-based violent Koranimals Muslims to march to the American Embassy to protest against the release of video that insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

Muslim immigrants rioters who invaded living in Greece throw objects at riot police during a protest against a film produced in the U.S. that they say insults the Prophet Muhammad, in Athens, Sun. 23, 2012. The protesters tried to march to the U.S. Embassy. 

The violent global jihad to impose the blasphemy laws under the sharia continues — riots have now spread to over 50 countries where Muslims reside (including Western nations):

“Prophet film protesters clash with Greek police” Associated Press (Pamela Geller)


  • Golden Dawn Opens Office in New York “The Golden Dawn is the only political party in Greece that unapologetically stands for the sovereignty, security, and dignity of the Greek people. The party intends to reverse decades of unlimited third world immigration which has brought crime, unemployment, disease and possibly terrorism to the once peaceful Greek cities.

Mustard infil-traitor smears and slanders the PM:

“The prime minister is a racist,” said El-Ghandour. “I live in a country, where the prime minister is a racist. I am basing this on the election campaign he ran, during which he labeled us conquerors.”

The truth is not a lie, El-Ghandour. Koranimals, and you are one of them,  are obsessed with conquest. Conquest is the central command of Islam.

Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou commented on El-Ghandour statements:

“Obviously, this gentleman deliberately and defamatory misinterprets the statements by the Prime Minister, concerning illegal migrants, regardless of religion. We want to remind him that he must respect the Prime Minister and the laws of the country that hosts him.”

Not a chance. Islam doesn’t teach respect for the kuffar.

 Koranimals attack police

From a poster on the Blaze:

These Muslim riots are the fruition for Bolshevik political correctness. These Europeans opened their borders with open arms to OPENLY HOSTILE, barbaric, savage, cavemen Muslims. They let these barbarians flood in by the millions. Now you have to deal with the aftermath. They have become a majority in many cities and they want to take total control. These Muslims know Europe is weak and ripe for conquest. You have Europe/US and our political correctness (weakness) vs violent, hostile Muslims and their goal of conquest and domination. Who do you think will win in the end? I’m not betting on the West. The West is its own worst enemy. They invited all of this crap into their countries. There is no way out unless you have an all out “ethnic cleansing” in the West. I think it’s too late now though.

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  1. If I lived in Athens I would join the Golden Dawn. Those Pakistanis will get their asses handed to them.

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