Mali: 16 Mullahs Meet Virgins

“The 16 were moderate Islamists.”

(Reuters) – Mali Islamic militant group MUJWA said on Sunday the killing of 16 Muslim preachers including eight Mauritanians and eight Malians by an army patrol in Mali was a declaration of war.      Think they will be  missed….?

Guess what: “many ulema are former prisoners and thugs and thus have low credibility.”

“The quality of their sermons is very low, as they are lacking certain knowledge necessary to interpret the teachings of Islam,”

Orphanage as bomb factory? But of course: this is Islam!

“Osama was the greatest!”

Terrorism Suspect Toriq Surrenders to Police, Cancels Suicide Bomb Plot

Toriq reportedly told police that he had identified four targets in the greater metropolitan area to bomb: the Depok Mobile Police Brigade (BriMob) headquarters, the National Police Densus 88 office in Jakarta, a police building in Salemba and a Buddhist center in a revenge attack for the treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

The man hoped to receive God’s  allah’s blessing and go to heaven, Boy said. He wrote a goodbye note to his family that was found at the scene of the Depok explosion.

It is unknown why Toriq canceled his plans. 

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