Muslim Subversive Tries to Buy Controlling Interest in Charlie Hebdo

Buy it.  Control it. Turn it into a pro jihad rag or shut it down.  What could go wrong?

That’s how Muslims have got control of the media via proxies; CNN, the NYT, the WaPo, PuffHo  and so much more of the lame stream media are infuriatingly left and jihad friendly, and we all know that Saudi princeling Al Waleed bin Talal holds 7% of Fox, which turns Islamic rioters into ‘yoots’ with no more than a phone call.

Muslim Tries to Buy Controlling Interest in Charlie Hebdo

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe
Rachid Nekkaz, the Muslim “entrepreneur” who has offered to pay the fines of all women convicted of wearing a burka in France, is now seeking to acquire a 51% controlling interest in Charlie Hebdo, according to a post on his blog.
“Given that the magazine Charlie Hebdo is feeling the full force of the crisis which is affecting the entire French press, I think it is important to preserve and perpetuate the satirical character of the magazine Charlie Hebdo”, he writes.
Specifically, he offers to inject 700,000 euros into the magazine immediately, and more if needed. “Considering the magazine’s liabilities and debt, this operation could be beneficial to Charlie Hebdo because it simultaneously guarantees both the independence of its editorial line and a certain financial stability,” declares Mr Nekkaz.
“At a time when the magazine is the declared target of extremist islamists on all sides, it is not inopportune that Charlie Hebdo’s board of directors should welcome a shareholder of Muslim culture into its midst.”
What could go wrong?
Source: SaphirNews

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