"Nobody is illegal"

No, Catherina Deveny didn’t invent that, she is too dumb to understand the implications. She parroted it on “go back to where you came from”

Tim Blair keeps an eye on her:

Having previously fired Catherine Deveny for her pointlessly offensive online commentary, the Age briefly re-hired her over the weekend – as an expert on pointlessly offensive online commentary. That newspaper has absolutely no pride in itself at all. NEWSPAPER REQUIRES INTERVENTION

Females like Deveny are an embarrassment to  women and modern civilisation. She is hard on the heels of Germanine Greer, that kooky  spinster who still gets airtime on TV. Greer has morphed into a cantankerous  crackpot who can’t see similarities between the removal of a babies clitoris and  having her own tongue cut out, something that would actually work in her favour.

She also said this:

I am struggling to understand a world in which the only anti-capitalist organisation is Islam and it seems the only way we can have Islam is with Sharia law.

Carry on, Germaine:

I’m an old-fashioned Marxist and I don’t think books change anything.

Well, apart from books written by Marx. They changed her into an idiot. (Tim Blair)

In the UK, the legitimising of illegals proves Enoch Powell right:

“Nobody is illegal”

Replacing  native Brits with a mohammedan proletariat:

Quarter of Britain’s babies are born to foreign mothers – and this is where they all come from:

  • Most mothers came from Poland, India and Pakistan, figures reveal
  • A total of 184,000 children born in these circumstances in NHS hospitals
  • The overall 25.5% rate is the highest since records began in 1969
  • In London in 2011 56.7% of new mums were originally from outside the UK
  • Newham in London has a rate of 77% of foreign mothers
  • The lowest levels were in the north-east of England
  • Net migration is still at more than 200,000, much higher than the 2015 target of under 100,000

Yes, there are some Poles thrown into the mix; but why mention them after all we owe to John Sobiesky?

Meanwhile, the boats keep coming:

Since Labor unwound the Howard policies, about 25,000 people have arrived in illegal boats and 17 – yes 17 – have been sent back.Bluff called again

But back to Deveny, who keeps Andrew Bolt busy:

Deveny is so sure of her superior virtue that she feels free to act like a monster. She is the vileness she damns.

Catherine Deveny complains about trolls:  Troll in Age hates trolls

Enter the troll. Small pathetic little people hell-bent on getting attention by slagging off

So which troll wrote the following?

Of her former editor, Paul Ramadge:

I wish him arse cancer.

Of Bindi Irwin, then 11:

I do so hope Bindi Irwin gets laid.

Of Tasma Walton, the wife of Rove McManus.

Rove and Tasma look so cute … hope she doesn’t die, too.

Of Anzac Day soldiers:

Anzac Day. Men only enlisted to fight for the money, for the adventure or because they were racist.

Of Anzac Day:

Anzac Day IS a glorification of war. They didn’t die for us but because they were risktaking testosterone fuelled men with a pack mentality.

Of Opposition frontbencher Peter Dutton, a fellow Q&A panelist:

Had nightmare they sat me next to a chinless, ex QLD cop with a face of a rapist who refused to go to the stolen generation apology #qanda

Of Dutton, inventing what he said:

Peter Dutton in the green room, ”I don’t like those abos. They come to our country, steal our jobs, marry our women.” #qanda

Of blue-collar workers:

blue-collar Australia has no imagination

Of people in the outer suburbs:

The reality is that it is impossible to watch these brainless retards belt the crap out of each other without enjoying it just a little.

Of people in Northland:

Why am I banging on about bizarre human anomalies? Well, I’ve just arrived home from Northland. Love freaky medical conditions, that’s me. We’re all up with webbed feet, conjoined twins and Tourette syndrome … everything I know about human abnormalities I learnt at Northland.


Of her priests as a girl:

Being Catholic, the ‘70s meant rock masses, liturgical dancing and clapping to Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham until you lost all will to live. When you heard the word ‘priest’  you didn’t immediately think ‘child molester’ – you thought of that guy with sideburns and shocking breath who played the guitar badly and wanted to be ‘down with the youth’. Or alternatively an old Irish bloke with dandruff who wanted to be ‘down at the pub’.

Our family went to church every Sunday unless the car wouldn’t start and in that case we’d watch Mass for You at Home: just as soul-destroying and mind-numbing as the real thing, but it took half the time and you didn’t have to shake hands with that weird guy with the eczema.

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