Rioting, Murdering & Terrorising People is Totally un-Islamic!

Except, that’s what Koranimals around the world love to do.

However, it’s important not to cave in on free speech and stifle criticism of Islam:

Hundreds of Muslims rally in Istanbul over anti-Islam film, cartoons

Protesters chanted anti-Western slogans and burned US and French flags. They also urged the Muslim world to react against the anti-Islam moves.—More profit of Islam and its followers at ABNA

From the Religion of Peace:

Why Do They Hate Us?  (Daniel Greenfield)

Sorry ass MoFo bows to Mustard savage…..

“The appeaser consensus obstinately refuses to understand that Muslim violence is not a reaction to US foreign policy, but an an aggressive action intended to expand their power and influence.”

How Much for a Piece of the First Amendment?  (Gatestone)

Patrick Henry did not say, ‘Give me liberty, or . . , ahh . . , uhm . . , I will apologize for even asking’. American freedoms must not be extorted away by the tantrums of raging mobs.

Who needs tourism when you got Islam already?

A photo from last Friday’s ‘Day of Love‘  in Pakistan.

Hollyweird Libturds Hammer Romney, Palin, bend over for Koranimals:

… Now at least one fearful studio has asked an Islamic cleric to “vet” its script. Senior executives at another have entered into intense briefing sessions with Department of State officials to minimise or expunge any content that could be deemed offensive. …   More fear & dhimmitude at

We will cover for you, oh great Moonbat Messiah:

World Dhimmies R’Us:
World Leaders Rally for Blasphemy Laws  (FrontPage Magazine)
Apparently more people are starting to believe that God is incapable of defending his own honor.
Saudi-funded Wahhabis are doing their best to counter the more peaceful strain of Islam predominant in Kosovo.
Obama’s Dangerous Consistency  (FrontPage Magazine)
“The neoconservative policy of supporting the democratization of Muslim societies adopted by George W. Bush has failed. And the appeasement policy adopted by Obama has also failed.”
A Real Movie on Muhammad?  (Islam Watch)
A movie that is faithful to the biography of Muhammad might upset some Muslims even more than the embellished version.
 Blather & Drivel:
Like many of its articles, Loonwatch’s “10 Myths about Muslims” has a nice headline and content that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.