Shiitephobia: Members of Iranian regime will be barred residence in Canada

“We want to ensure that people who may be inadmissible — that is to say those who perhaps are associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Al Quds force, the Basij, or senior members of the regime — are not admissible to Canada.”  (BCF)

Scaramouche says its too late: they’re already there!

If You Think Canada Giving Iran the Finger Is Going to Curtail the Khomeinists’ Activities Here, You’re One Mighty Silly Infidel

To rewrite Emma Lazarus to capture what follows: Give me your rich, your Khomeinist, your arrogant Twelvers yearning to hedge their bets via a coveted Canadian passport:

While most Iranian immigrants in Canada came here specifically to get away from the Iranian government, lately, many upper class regime-linked Iranians are establishing second homes and acquiring citizenship here. They typically spend most of their time in Iran, while their wives and children live and study here.

“It is ironic that while [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad condemns ‘western imperialism,’ his inner circle has quietly established itself in Canada to enjoy ill-gotten fortunes with impunity,” wrote McGill international law professor Payam Akhavan in a Toronto Star column last year.

Ironically, “ironic” is not the word I would use for it. Cunning and/or diabolical and/or chilling, more like. Also: what’s the point of severing diplomatic ties to Iran while opening your doors to–and allowing your country to be used as a crash pad by–Khomeinists both rich and poor alike?

Shiitephobia in Mexico?

MEXICO  arrests and extradites three Heznazis from the country, including imam 

Any idea what they’re doing in Mexico?  Tequila & chicas?

Over the weeked, three suspected members of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, a proxy group for Iran, were arrested in the capital city of the Yucatan Province, Mexico.

The news of the arrest was a major story in Mexico, but had little coverage on American or Israeli media sites.  More here.