U.S. Conspiracy Kook Webster Griffin Tarpley Tells Iran Press TV That Pamela Geller is "Key Instigator"

Conspiracy nutcase  blames Pamela Geller for the anti-Islam film that no one has seen, but we are told it set the Middle East on fire

He is also blaming the ‘Mormon Mafia’ inside the CIA, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, the Neocons/ Jews, Christians, Daniel Pipes, John Bolton, even the Saudis. (BNI)

5 thoughts on “U.S. Conspiracy Kook Webster Griffin Tarpley Tells Iran Press TV That Pamela Geller is "Key Instigator"”

  1. And silence concerning the koran that not only dehumanizes all unbelievers of shitslam, but calls for our deaths or subjugation after lying to us about what islam is about.

    It is also a known fact that the film had nothing to do with this coordinated attack on the embassies, or any of the 1400 years of islamic violence. The person ultimately responsible is moe moe the pedo.

  2. Before you start leaving comments about this Academic, and well researched person, I’ve looked at his work, and for very longtime now, I started to look into other sources of information and very clearly he’s just about “everything.” I noted that he’s careful about collating his research. So look it up yourself and don’t be lazy, what I what see in these unwarranted, biased and intellectually lazy and dishonest. Listen yourselves first before you act on this!

  3. I have a copy of his dissertation on my computer. The man does have credentials, but that doesn’t mean everything he says or writes is well researched and accurate. His political analysis has a greater historical depth than the usual partisan propaganda that the public is subjected to on network news, however, he habitually draws farfetched conclusions from the most doubtful sources… when they are even mentioned. He makes glaring omissions, and in particular has an unwarrantably positive view of Islam’s relation to the West.
    Though I was initially a fan of his, the more I read of him, the more questionable things I came across, and became annoyed with his frequently rancorous tone.

  4. I am not impressed nor do I care what his credentials are.

    The fact that he has ‘positive’ views of Islam’s relation to the West is the chasm that divides us as it is in direct conflict to my repeated ‘negative’ experiences interacting with Islam/Muslims.

    Thus, his naivety makes him a potential hazard to endangering me and mine.

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